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Now, when a casting call goes up for a major Marvel motion picture like Captain America: Civil War, it's not too surprising that we all immediately begin scouring it for tidbits of information about the upcoming movie. After all, it's Marvel.

Some casting calls, though, are more revealing than others - and the recent one from Tammy Smith Casting, looking for actors down in Atlanta for Civil War's lengthy principal shoot, might just tell us a hell of a lot.

Y'see, in between calls for "upscale men and women," "physically fit men with real experience as military" and "southeast Asian men and women," there was a call for something very specific and - in the context of Marvel's upcoming plans - very revealing: they're looking for "African men and women," preferably with an "ethnic wardrobe."

And, in the context of the MCU, that can pretty much only mean one thing:


Best known as the homeland of The Black Panther - whose MCU arrival is heavily rumored to take place in the soon-to-arrive Avengers: Age of Ultron - Wakanda is pretty much the Marvel Universe's go-to African nation for more-or-less any purpose, which means that call for "African men and women" with an "ethnic wardrobe"?

That almost certainly means Wakanda.

Now, with only a mid-May estimate for filming, there's no guarantee that Wakanda would have more than a small role in the movie - but it does open up a few tantalizing possibilities:

1. We Could See The Black Panther's Origin

If all we get to see of The Black Panther - better known to his friends as T'Challa - in Age of Ultron is, say, a post-credits scene, could Captain America: Civil War include his origin story?

Alternatively, seeing as the movie is set to focus on world government's deciding to enforce Superhero registration, could we even see Wakanda established as a safe, neutral home-base for those heroes - led by Cap - who refuse to register?

Either that, or:

2. We Could See Ulysses Klaw Attack Wakanda

After all, we know that Klaw - played by Andy Serkis - is set to appear in Age of Ultron. Could his role continue on into Civil War, with perhaps an attack by him on Wakanda (with an attached Black Panther origin story) play a part in the introduction of Superhero registration?

Or, perhaps:

3. We Could See an Epic Flashback

After all, there's comic-book precedent for Cap to have visited Wakanda back in the 1940s, while chasing down some Nazis. Could we see him fight an older iteration of the Panther in some sort of flashback?

No matter what - it'd be awesome to see Wakanda on screen - especially for an extended period of screen-time...

What do you think, though? Do you think we really will see Wakanda? If so, how'll it appear? And just what else can we expect to see in Captain America: Civil War?



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