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Darker Than Night (Mas Negro Que La Noche) is the first 3D Mexican horror film, and, if that's not enough of a sell for you, it's chock-full of cats. That's right, the entire premise hinges on the survival of one special cat, but a group of young girls let it die. And what do you think happens?

Greta inherits a huge mansion after her Aunt Ofelia’s death with the only condition of taking good care of her life companion, Becker, a cat. Greta moves in with three girl friends. One of the nights Becker suddenly dies. In consequence, their carelessness will unleash unexplainable events that will make them feel horror in their own skin.

Check out the trailer (with added 3D bumpers!) below:

After watching the trailer, I'm going to be majorly disappointed if this movie doesn't include a cat attack scene that rivals the one in Let the Right One In. Ever since then, cats + horror = unintentional hilarity to me.

We'll have to anxiously wait to see how [Darker than Night](movie:2242548) handles feline aggression, though. Onto the breakdown!

Here be cats

And this one seems to have a strong connection to a dearly departed force in the house.

One young girl inherits a mansion

And invites three friends to live there too, but creepy things quickly start to strip away the glitz and glamour.

The weird maid doesn't help things

She appears positively giddy at these girls' fear.

The haunting quickly escalates

But who are these wandering ghosts, and what do they want?

Seems like this evil spirit is at the heart of it

Will the girls wise up in time to escape?

So, no cat-heavy scenes in the trailer, which must mean the filmmakers are saving them for the final cut.

Will you watch Darker Than Night?


Be honest, are you at least a little afraid of cats?


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