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Brett Ratner's biggest hits were the Rush Hour movies, which were undeniably very good. Since then, however, he hasn't exactly had the magic touch. In fact, his movies Hercules and X-Men: The Last Stand were both supposed to be huge blockbuster hits, but left fans unimpressed.

The news coming from AICN is only rumored, but they say Ratner spoke on the possibility of an Enter The Dragon remake:

“According to a few attendees I've spoken to, he (Ratner) reassured the audience that he wasn't trying to find the next Bruce Lee or anything crazy like that. Evidently, he only brought up the remake after professing his love for Lalo Schifrin's amazing score, and seemed to indicate that his film would be a reimagining of Robert Clouse's iconic showcase for Lee's talents… He wouldn't get into specifics.”

I actually think Ratner got a lot of unfair heat off of the X-Men debacle, but he might want to tread lightly around Enter The Dragon. He's taking on some of these awesome and historic franchises, which means if he blows it, he pays the price.

Plus, how can you replace Bruce Lee? Can anyone in Hollywood (or the world for that matter) be this bad-ass?

Something makes me think that this is too iconic for ANYONE to touch, let alone a guy who has had a rough go at some other classics already.

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