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WARNING: Spoilers for Insurgent ahead! Proceed with caution!

While the harsh and divided dystopian society we've all come to know and love in The [Divergent](movie:593270) Series may make for fantastic viewing, it would certainly be another story to try not only live, but survive in a post-apocalyptic Chicago, and unfortunately for one character in the upcoming sequel, [Insurgent](movie:949018), their time was up.

While the character of Eric (Jai Courtney) certainly wasn't making too many friends after the events in Divergent, MTV news still decided that the Dauntless traitor was still worthy of being remembered after his death in the film and Josh Horowitz challenged Jai and his Insurgent cast mates to pay tribute to the leader of Dauntless, Eric.

First of all, Horowitz asked the man himself, Eric a.k.a Jai Courtney if he believed Eric would have anyone saying anything nice about him after his death in Insurgent. Naturally, Jai thought that Eric would definitely be remembered fondly, though as his cast mates proved he was a little off the mark.

First up was Mekhi Phifer who plays Max in the film, he began by praising Jai Courtney, calling him a "great guy," but then countering that by saying his character Eric was "kind of a dick. So when he gets killed, you’re just like, ‘Enough, already.’”

Err...Sorry Eric!

Meanwhile, Theo James a.k.a Four mused that Eric's friends would probably say they would miss Eric's "great traps" when he died, referring to his trapezius muscles. I mean, at least that's one way to be remembered!

But what did Jai Courtney think they would comment on the most about missing Eric? His hair of course! Sorry Jai, despite Eric indeed having some amazing golden locks, none of your co-stars even bothered to mention them - how rude!

The Divergent Series: Insurgent opens in cinemas on March 20th.

Watch the whole video tribute here:

Who is your favorite Divergent series character?

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