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In 2007 Daniel Burrows disappeared. His wife, Loretta, claimed he had abandoned her for a younger woman, running off to Florida with a skip in his step and a hottie in hand. As it turns out, this was a lie. In fact, Daniel was at home the entire time...though not in one piece.

Suspicions began to arise when Daniel's brother reported him missing to the police, sending the investigation straight to Loretta's house.

"She lost the color in her face"

Sergeant Lynn Dougherty was one of the officers sent to the 63-year-old's home, and he remembers the day vividly. Dougherty said as soon as she realized cops had shown up at her door, her demeanor immediately changed:

Her whole body sunk. She lost the color in her face, she was wringing her hands, very nervous.

It's no wonder she she was rattled, considering the horrifically dark secret she was hiding just a few feet away. Two large boxes - each packaged up in plastic garbage bags - were discovered in the guest bedroom, with a not so pleasant smell emanating from them.

Having been sent to the mortuary, the boxes were opened up and whatever was left of Daniel was found inside. The 63-year-old "loving grandmother" had wrapped her husbands dismembered body parts in air fresheners and scented beads to try and mask the smell, but what they found next was even worse...

Coming to a head

Police uncovered one of Loretta's handbags with a “cranium and mandible” - a skull and jawbone - hidden inside. Daniel's severed head had been sitting in decomposition fluid, transported between Loretta's houses for over six years.

Marks found on the body indicated he had been stabbed to death, with traces of amphetamines found in his system. Assistant Prosecutor Seth Levy told the jury:

You don’t overdose on crystal meth and then cut yourself up.

Loretta was found guilty of first degree murder. Having thought she'd got away with it, the grandmother now faces life in prison.

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