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Australian artist Marco Ryan has created an amazing selection of Steampunk Animals, and they really are amazing.

Turning against elaborate techniques, Marco has created these incredibly intricate drawings using nothing but the humble ballpoint pen!

See for yourself!

1. Aerial Hinden Shark

A mixture of a blimp and a shark, cool!

2. Jet Propulsion Seahorse

The futuristic way for any 'Seahorse about town' to get around.

3. Fortress Tortoise

Take note 'Pimp My Ride.' This is how it's done.

4. Metal Carapace Scarab Beetle

Super Beetle, complete with metal shell.

5. Lady Earl Grey and the Cat Sentinel

What true lady doesn't want a mechanical cat?!

6. Colossal Crane Angler

The scary deep sea hunter has just upped her game.

7. Dapper Owl

Waistcoat AND bow-tie?! This is truly the most dapper owl I've ever seen.

8. Bosengine Taurus

Much cooler than the Mechanical Bulls you see in bars, wouldn't want to ride it though.

9. Tesla Charged Rhino

A super charged rhino is not to be messed with.

Check out Marco's website here.


Which is your favorite Steampunk Animal?


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