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Gallery1988 presents 'Postcard Correspondence,' an art exhibition featuring over 100 pieces inspired by some of pop culture's most memorable journeys and locations, all printed as actual postcards.

Opening reception is Friday March 20 from 7-10pm at Gallery1988 West, 7308 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA90046 and the show will be on display until April 4.

100% Soft "Party On! Aurora, Illinois" Print inspired by Wayne's World

AJ Masthay “Greetings From Dune” Print inspired by Dune

Amy Fry "Aloha" Print inspired by Lilo & Stitch

Andrew Trabbold “Death Star” Print inspired by Star Wars

Ashton Gallagher "Visit Bricksburg" inspired by The LEGO Movie

Augie Pagan "Welcome to Barter Town" inspired by Mad Max: Learn More

Blain Hefner “Duckburg, Calisota” Print inspired by Ducktales

Brian Methe "I Could Go At Anytime" Print inspired by What's Eating Gilbert Grape

Bruce Yan “Greetings From Paradise Falls” Print inspired by Up

castlepöp “Stool Boom!” Print inspired by Waiting for Guffman

Chet Phillips “Skull Island” Framed Print inspired by Godzilla

Chet Phillips “The Great Escape” Print inspired by The Great Escape

Clark Orr “Greetings from The Monster Squad” Print inspired by The Monster Squad

Clinton Reno "Welcome to Charming" Print inspired by Sons Of Anarchy

Cuddles and Rage “Sweet Pack” Print Set inspired by Pulp Fiction, Wayne's World, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures, Twin Peaks

Cuddly Rigor Mortis “Five Dollars” inspired by Pulp Fiction

Dan Goodsell “Hollywood Star Lanes”
inspired by The Big Lebowski

Danielle Buerli “Maria” Print inspired by Metopolis

Dennis Salvatier “Gotham Bay" Print inspired by Batman

Derek Eads "Dumb & Dumber Postcard Set" Print Set inspired by Dumb & Dumber

Doug LaRocca “Wish You Were Here!” inspired by Jurassic Park

Evanimal "Dog" Framed Print inspired by Mad Max

Evanimal "Einstein" inspired by Back To The Future

Evanimal "Frank" Framed Print inspired by Men In Black

Evanimal "Ghost" Print inspired by Game Of Thrones

Famous When Dead "Pink Robocop" inspired by Robocop

Fantome Studio “Kicks From The Flicks” Print Set inspired by Terminator, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Teen Wolf, Alien

Geoffrey Trapp “Arctic World” Print inspired by Batman Returns

GH-05-T “You gotta be fuckin' kidding” Print inspired by The Thing

Glen Brogan “Ink and Paint Club” Print inspired by Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Graham Curran “Home of the Great Sandworm” inspired by Beetlejuice

Hannah Webb "Kermit" inspired by The Muppets

Hannah Webb "Miss Piggy" inspired by The Muppets

James Demski - JIMBOT "Drive Save" inspired by Transformers

James Demski - JIMBOT "Hello From Cybertron" inspired by Transformers

James Demski - JIMBOT "The Head of Unicron"
inspired by Transformers

Jared Circusbear "That Shadowy Place" inspired by The Lion King

Jesse Riggle "Mordor Thermal Baths" Print inspired by Lord of the Rings

Jesse Riggle "Moria Mine Tours" Print inspired by Lord of the Rings

Jesse Riggle "Orthanc Paragliding" Print inspired by Lord of the Rings

Jessica Roux "Visit the Grand Budapest Hotel" Print
inspired by The Grand Budapest Hotel

John Rozum "Crayon Ponyfish" Print inspired by The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

Keith Noordzy "Tri-Wizard Tournament" inspired by Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Kelly McKernan "Do Not Trust The Pilgrims, Especially Sarah Miller" inspired by Addams Family Values

Kelly McKernan "Meet Me in Montauk" inspired by Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Known As Unknown "Postcard from America" Print
inspired by Coming To America

K•NOR "Say My Name Correctly" inspired by Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Matt Chase "Greetings from Walley World" Print inspired by National Lampoon's Vacation

Michael De Pippo “At Death's Door on Titan” Print inspired by Beetlejuice

Michael De Pippo “Greetings From Titan” Print inspired by Beetlejuice

Michael De Pippo “Titan: of Sandworms” Print inspired by Beetlejuice

Michael Mateyko / Komboh “Hadley's Hope” Print inspired by Aliens

Mike Maas “Rats!” inspired by Willard

Miranda Dressler “Home of the Groundhog” Print inspired by Groundhog Day

Nan Lawson “The Sparkling Diamond” Print inspired by Moulin Rouge!

Nate Bear “Unknown Sender” Print Set inspired by Sci-Fi & Zombies

Nathan Chesshir “Howdy!” Print inspired by Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Nicole Bruckman “Greetings From The Emerald City”
inspired by The Wizard of Oz

Nicole Gustafsson “Bull Dog Café” inspired by The Rocketeer

Priscilla Wilson “The Forest” inspired by Princess Mononoke

Ryan Brinkerhoff “Escape to Haddonfield, Illinois” Print inspired by Halloween

Ryan Brinkerhoff “Visit Camp Crystal Lake” Print inspired by Friday the 13th

Ryan Brinkerhoff “Welcome to Elm Street” Print inspired by A Nightmare on Elm Street

Ryan Hungerford “Greetings From Dante's” Print inspired by Beetlejuice

Scott Balmer “Travel Nostromo” Print inspired by Alien

Scott Balmer “Visit LV-426” Print inspired by Alien

Shannon Finch “Shop Smart … Shop S-Mart” Framed Print inspired by Army Of Darkness

Steff Bomb “You Killed Your Dog By The Way” Print
inspired by Moonrise Kingdom

Stephen Sandoval “The Cluck Bucket” Print inspired by Tommy Boy

Steve Dressler “Lou's Café” Print inspired by Back To The Future

Steve Dressler “Skolnick's Electronicks” Print inspired by Revenge Of The Nerds

Steve Thomas “80s Something Cape Space” Print inspired by LEGO Movie

Steve Thomas “Blend in The Old West” Print inspired by LEGO Movie

Steve Thomas “It's all Business in Bricksburg” Print
inspired by LEGO Movie

Tea Cake "Have another cherry!" inspired by The Witches of Eastwick

Tea Cake "The Sandersons" inspired by Hocus Pocus

Tea Cake "Weirdos" inspired by The Craft

Toddbot “Mr Tastee in New York” inspired by The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Veks Van Hillik “Floating Mickey Mouse” Print inspired by Steamboat Willie - Mickey Mouse

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