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Yes, that's right, movies that will blow your mind. We all love movies that twist and turn and sometimes, in the end, make no sense. Movies that bring you back to watch, just so you can try and figure it all out. So sit down, relax, and get ready for movies that will blow your mind!

5.) eXistenZ

Let me take you back to the year 1999, the year that mind-bending movies decided to all release at the same time. This movie is all about gaming and it was created by the master of all things disturbing, David Cronenberg. In this world gaming is the number one industry and everyone has gaming pods that are actually live amphibian machines that take you to a fantasy world. Jude Law plays Ted Pikul, a PR whiz that was sent alongside a top game developer named Allegra Geller, who is played by Jennifer Jason Leigh. An assassination attempt on Allegra Geller's life during a demo test for her new game send Allegra and Ted down a path together.

Once Allegra finds out that Ted Pikul doesn't have a bio port (this is how you plug into the game) she demands that he get one. The port he gets from a gas station turns out to be a trick to kill Allegra in order to stop her game 'eXistenZ' from ever making it to the market. A group of people called 'The Realists' are trying to take down the game and make every attempt to stop them. This is the basic premise, but I won't reveal any twists and turns because that is up to you. Go hop on Netflix and watch this mind-bending movie. Trust me.

4.) This Is Not a Movie

This movie is crazy trip from start to finish. Set in Las Vegas, hours before the impending apocalypse is suppose to happen. We meet a bipolar drug abuser named Pete Nelson (Edward Furlong) who is holed up in a penthouse sweet. A dialogue begins to open up with a rockstar like character wearing a cowboy hat. Turns out, that guy is a figment of Pete's imagination, in fact, it's another version of Pete. It's almost like he embodies what Pete wishes he could be. He also runs into a character who is a ghost but in reality he is just a character that wasn't fully developed. Pete is living inside of his own book and he must seek the author.

This movie will blow your mind as it makes its way through pre-Apocalypse Las Vegas.

3.) John Dies at the End

This movie is based off a book from writer, David Wong. John Dies at the End is a crazy adventure and mind blowing experience. The movie is about a strange new drug called 'Soy Sauce' which gives you the ability to see things that are always around but we can't see. The lead title character John (Rob Mayes) ends up taking Soy Sauce at a party, given to him by a Rastafarian. His life changes after that, David (Chase Williamson) is his best friend and accomplice who also gets a dose of Soy Sauce.

Monsters begin to plague John and David as they set out to destroy them. One of the craziest monsters they face, believe it or not, is one made of meat. Yes, a giant creature made of all different types of deli meats... This movie is insane and will blow your mind as you cross between worlds and paths with some even crazier characters. This is a fun ride, for sure.

Check out the insane trailer below:

2.) Enter The Void

A drug dealer named Oscar (Nathaniel Brown) from the U.S. living in Japan is betrayed by his friend and gunned down in a bathroom by Japanese police. This movie is all from Oscar's perspective and until he dies, you can even see the motion of his eye blinks. That all changes once he dies and is lifted out of his body. He begins to float and spy on the world he left behind.

Oscar begins to see through the void and is able to see what happens to his sister. She becomes a dancer and hooker, Oscar follows her to see how her life shapes. She is so close to him but he can't help her. This movie is a true trip, combined with beautiful sets and mind blowing effects. This is a movie you don't want to miss.

Check out the trailer:

1.) The Nines

A highly underrated movie starring Ryan Reynolds as three different characters named Gary, Gavin and Gabriel. The movie starts off with Gary, the failing actor, who after driving while on crack gets placed under house arrest. He ends up making friends with his neighbor Margaret (Melissa McCarthy) and that is when the weirdness starts to happen. Gary begins to find messages he never wrote and he begins to go a little crazy. He also begins to see numbers above peoples heads, realizing that he himself is a 9.

He is living three lives at the same time. The movie goes on to show you the different lives of Gary. In one reality he is a troubled actor with a crack problem, in another reality he is Gavin, the television showrunner. In another reality, he is Gabriel the top video game designer. This movie is chock-full of philosophy and truly mind blowing material. Don't take my word on it, check out the trailer below:

What did you think of these mind blowing movies?


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