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Starz seem to have been concerned that Outlander fans would give up on the show during the six-month Winter break they decided to schedule in the middle of season 1. Although Starz booked a second season after only the pilot episode had been screened, they decided to take a risk and spread out the first season for as long as possible.

But, their constant 'Droughtlander' videos and sneak peeks to keep fans interested were unnecessary - Outlander fans will have been counting down the days, ready to see part 2 of season 1 when it begins on April 4th.

(Not that it hurts to enjoy a little look ahead once in a while, just to keep the cravings at bay.....)

With new characters joining the ensemble, even more drama facing Jamie, Frank and Claire, plus tension at boiling point between the Jacobites and the red coats, fans of the show are in for a real treat in the second half!

New Characters For Outlander 1B

Simon Callow as Duke of Sandringham in Outlander
Simon Callow as Duke of Sandringham in Outlander

The wonderfully talented British actor, musician and theatre director, Simon Callow, will join the cast as the influential and manipulative Duke of Sandringham.

Best known for his role in Four Weddings and a Funeral, Callow is a veteran of the stage and screen and will portray the English aristocrat with a penchant for stirring up trouble with the flair we have become accustomed to from the entire Outlander cast.

Jenny Fraser and Ian Murray star in Outlander 1B
Jenny Fraser and Ian Murray star in Outlander 1B

Steven Cree, has also joined the team. Cree is originally from Glasgow and will star in Outlander as Jamie's best friend and brother-in-law, Ian Murray.

Previously seen in 300: Rise of an Empire and Maleficent, Cree will play a wounded former soldier that grew up with Jamie at Lallybroch, and who, with his wife Jenny (Jamie's sister, played by Laura Donnelly), has been caring for the land there while Jamie has been gone.

Ian and Jenny will feature in 1B when Jamie and Claire head to Lallybroch to introduce Claire to Jamie's family. How this new, English(!) family member will be accepted in Jamie's home town and amongst his relatives should make for an interesting family reunion.

Political Tensions Run High in Outlander

Claire has been captured by redcoats again!
Claire has been captured by redcoats again!

As Ronald D. Moore, an executive producer of the series, states in the 'Droughtlander' video above, politics is going to become even more significant as the series develops.

While the first half of season 1 was an introduction to the characters, the time period and the tensions present in Scotland in the early 1740s, the second half will delve deeper into the politics of the era.

Although Jonathan 'Black Jack' Randall has been the major red-coat enemy to date, we will meet other political actors that play a part in Jamie and Claire's love story and that threaten to tear them apart.

Outlander is often compared to Downton Abbey given its ability to transport viewers to a new time period, a time with different customs, cultures and dramas. When the political upheaval underway in Scotland in the 18th century heats up, viewers will learn about the Jacobite Rebellion and will gain a fascinating insight into Scottish political history.

Jamie and Claire Strive to Stay Together

Jamie and Claire - the happy couple
Jamie and Claire - the happy couple

Part 1 of the first Outlander season was all about Jamie and Claire getting together. Part 2 will see them having to fight to stay together.

Frank will still be there, doing his bit to reunite with his beloved wife, but it seems as though Claire will make her choice soon, and will struggle to stay safe with her new husband in her new world.

Claire is a strong, admirable heroine
Claire is a strong, admirable heroine

Claire and Jamie will both face death in part 2, and will have to rely on their smarts, and each other, in order to survive.

We know Claire does a pretty good job of looking after herself, but when Black Jack gets his hands on her again, will she get away unscathed once more?

What do you hope to see in part 2 of [Outlander](series:1001496) ? Please don't add spoilers from the books. Let's just chat about what we hope to see happen when season 1 continues on April 4th.


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