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Clive Barker came right out of left field to remind film-goers what a scary place hell can be when presented with imagination and originality. Hellraiser, based on Barker's own novel The Hellbound Heart, was so many things at once - a haunted house movie, a sadomasochistic fairytale, a family tragedy, a gory piece of Gothic - and yet it was like no other film of its decade, and touched a raw nerve with its all-new horror mythology, its elegant narrative construction, and its unabashedly dark unpleasantness. In short, these films remain classics, able to get under the skin and fill your gore fix.An imaginative, frightening debut from Clive Barker. A landmark horror film. , Barker produced a unique, imaginative, if not somewhat stomach-churning, work that has since earned a place in the annals of horror cinema. Clive Barker's deliciously warped imagination is on full display in this modern classic of horror. Hellraiser has an iconic and scary horror movie villain that is so revered and recognized by horror fans alike today. Pinhead isn't your normal Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees or even Michael Myers, Pinhead is more intelligent and articulate and it is because of this reasons why I believe that Hellraiser is a scary horror movie compared to other horror movies.

"I have seen the future of horror fiction, and his name is Clive Barker..."-

Stephen King


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