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Two things we love at Moviepilot: fan casts and videos. Here's a thought: let's combine them and make something awesome (we also love the word "awesome").

Our Creators are the best fan-casters on this fine planet; during last week's 'Re-Cast The Avengers' comp, you guys really pulled out all the stops with some seriously creative content, from 'The Avengers as Children' to 'The Avengers as a Sitcom'. We were blown away by these, so we're here to help you bring those fan-tastic ideas to MP and turn it into something... you guessed it... AWESOME!

This week is Comic Week on Moviepilot, so what better time for you Creators to fan-cast your favorite comic for a live-action (or even animated with voice actors) adaptation. This can be for a movie, a TV series or even a children's cartoon! It's an opportunity to think about turning your favorite comic from any genre into something big!

What will we do with the best one?

We'll turn it into an epic video, credit you as the Creator and share it on Facebook AND our YouTube channel! Some of our in-house videos have seen upwards of 5 million views when promoted on our social pages, so your fan-cast can LITERALLY be seen by millions of fans. That's more that some movies on an opening weekend!

Want more? Okay, we'll also throw in a copy of the Marvel: Civil War graphic novel.

How do you get started?

  • Think about your favorite comic that deserves more attention. Got it?
  • Post your comic book fan cast as an article on Moviepilot
  • Tag it with Contest and link the article in the comments of THIS post
  • Deadline for entry is Sunday 29th March, 2015. 12pm ET
  • Every MP Creator can enter!

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