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It's always heart wrenching when decent shows are taken off the air. Whether it be from low ratings, production costs or not selling enough merch...Wait, what? Well, supposedly the latter is the reason why we no longer have one of the best superhero shows to date. Fans adore it, I adore it and its absence has left a void in my nerdy little heart.

I'm talking about Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!

In 2010, AEMH premiered on Disney XD. Just like the comics, it started with its five original members (excluding Bucky, who was an honorary member): Iron Man, Ant-Man, Wasp and Thor. And as the series progressed more members joined, such as Captain America, Black Panther, Hawkeye and so on. The overall show was absolutely amazing. It had top notch acting, writing, animation, action sequences, and need I say a kick ass opening theme?

FUCK YEAH!!! This song wants to make me soar into the air and take down villains one after another. Many Marvel antagonists and protagonists make appearances in this series. From the Fantastic Four, Skrulls, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, Winter Soldier, Galactus and so many more. It's important to note that one of the key players in this show's execution is developer Ciro Nieli who's also the creator of the latest TMNT spin off series 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' (2012-present).

What sets AEMH apart from other superhero series is that it's not all about the action. It webbed story lines that dealt with death, depression, politics, mental instability, unrequited love, terminal illness etc. They also gave us three dimensional characters that we could not only relate to, but who were also captivating. Each heroes' personalities were so strong that they could easily carry an episode on their own.

And one of the reasons I love this program is that it proves Ant-Man can be taken seriously. With the impending release of Ant-Man, many have criticized the concept of this hero to be absurd and stupid. Well, where do you think the film got its inspiration from? On Edgar Wright's blog he posted an image from 'To Steal an Ant-Man' and captioned "Homework". Implying that there's some influence from this episode that will be featured in the movie. And while Wright is no longer attached to the project, the film's new director Peyton Reed is sticking with some of Wright's ideas.

Despite the film being mostly about Lang, Pym becomes one of, if not the most complex individual in AEMH. A gifted scientist, he had qualms about using violence and mainly vouched for serenity and non-threatening solutions. His abilities were impressive as he could change to microscopic and giant size and communicate and manipulate insects. And while the show didn't delve too much into it, he also faced multiple personality disorder. As he altered between Ant-Man and Giant-Man (and eventually SPOILER............................. Yellow Jacket).

Pym would go on to create Ultron with Tony Stark. However, when Stark sold off Ultron as a weapon Pym took away the android and staved off contact with him. He programmed the bot to guard and assistant inhabitants in his big house, a tiny security center to rehab villains. Yet, when Ultron reprogrammed itself it was convinced the only way to help civilization was to destroy it. They eventually stopped it, but Hank's distraught over all the destruction it did and could have done. Then he leaves the Avengers. So, tell me again how he stinks as a superhero, hmmm?

AEMH was also an entity that not only children, but adults could enjoy. For its humor, excellent characters, story arches, adrenaline rushing scenes and mature themes. Sadly, after two seasons it was replaced with Avengers Assemble. Some followers of AEMH have complained that AA is sub-par compared to it. Yet, there seems to be others who enjoy it just fine. Seemingly, this was suppose to or was implied to be a continuation of the series, however this hasn't been confirmed.


Do you want AEMH back?


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