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Do you believe in ghosts? What exactly are ghosts? They are said to be apparitions of dead people who in occasions, might try to manifest to the living. They're thousands of people out there who have claimed to have made contact with them in many different ways. They claim to have seen them right in front of their eyes, in their dreams, hear their voice thru and E.V.P (electronic voice phenomena) or even as far as to catch them on camera and even film. However the way, people seem to have a fascination with this subject and sometimes enthusiasts find more, then what they actually bargain for.

I have scouted some of the most famous videos around "youtube" and compiled several of them that claim to be "real" and caught on cemeteries,cctv cameras, personal homes, job sites and more but are they real? but you be the judge.

Some pics/vids seem a little unbelievable to be true, but what do YOU think? I wanna hear your comments. Please feel free to leave them down below, or let me know of any other experience/encounter you've had. Don't forget to FOLLOW ME!! for more scary and creepy content and until next time remember.. Sweet Screams!!

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