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As I'm sure you all know, today is officially Star Wars day! Thanks to the pun-derful play on words 'May the 4th' offers to our fandom, I thought I'd break the trend of sharing trivia on a Tuesday (for [](tag:2808109)) and bring you some Star Wars facts so good you'll think it's a Jedi mind trick. If you loved reading this trivia, why not share your own by posting on Moviepilot!

This Star Wars day, I'm offering 5 pieces of Star Wars trivia you might not know. There are many, many Star Wars fans within our community, but I'm hoping that some of you are surprised to learn at least one new fact about our beloved sci-fi opera!

So, here we go! I'm looking forward to reading your [](tag:2808109) on Moviepilot tomorrow!

Yoda's name perfectly describes him in many languages!

Master Yoda isn't the only wise one in the galaxy, which becomes clear when you find out that his name derives from Sanskrit's 'yodha,' meaning a warrior or soldier, as well as Hebrew's 'yodea' - translating as 'one who knows.' Pretty clever, Mr. Lucas!

Harrison Ford isn't the only person to play both Han Solo AND Indiana Jones!

Voice actor Keith Ferguson has featured vocally as Indiana Jones in Robot Chicken, and also imitates Ford's voice in The LEGO Movie as Han Solo!

The Millennium Falcon's design was inspired by a hamburger with an olive on the side


George Lucas once stated that the Millennium Falcon's original design was actually inspired by a tasty looking hamburger that had an olive poking out of the side... which was the inspiration for Han Solo's cockpit!

Whereas Boba Fett's Slave 1 was inspired by a radar dish!


Empire Strikes Back's art director Nilo Rodis-Jamero has stated that Slave I was based on a radar dish, despite many people believing it to be based on a street lamp or a steam iron. If you can't quite see the resemblance, check out this radar dish found in Manchester, United Kingdom:


The Force Awakens' BB-8 is based on the original design for R2-D2

J. J. Abram's Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens is sticking to the franchise's roots by taking inspiration from early concept art that went unused in the original trilogy. The best example of this is R2-D2's early 'ball-like' design, which we will finally see in action in Star Wars VII - The Force Awakens!

R2D2'S Original Design
R2D2'S Original Design

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