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The closer we get to [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) the more the excitement and speculation grows. But the cameo most of us didn't see coming has been leaked. El Mayimbe of Latino Review has released that he knows who this cameo will be!

Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel
Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel

That's right, according to him, none other than Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel, the most anticipated female character of the current cinematic age is about to step out onto the big screen far earlier than any of us expected. Marvel has kept this under wraps pretty well; so much so that we still don't have a clue who will play her. Amazing since the film footage is already in the can!

She was written into previous versions of the scripts and, apparently, will step out for just a quick cameo. Some say it will be toward the end as Captain America is putting together a new team of Avengers. [For my theory about the next phase of Marvel and this new team-Click here]

Also check out this rundown by Kit Simpson Browne about the possibilities. I found it interesting.

Also, mind you, this is still unconfirmed....


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