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Add John Travolta to the list of aging male stars swinging into the action genre. He'll star with Amanda Schull in I AM WRATH. It's the story of a man who seeks revenge against the murderer of his wife when the cops prove incompetent. The film will be directed by Chuck Russell, best known for his work with The Rock on THE SCORPION KING.

Many of today's young action stars have yet to capture the imagination of viewers like the action stars of the 1980's did. Liam Neeson's jump to the genre started a trend when he starred in the action film TAKEN.

There is something about an older star, prompted into action, that viewers identify with, and helps those films become box office hits. Neeson currently is starring in [Run All Night](movie:749058) , his best action film in years.

Following the trend set by Sylvester Stallone and a host of co-stars in [The Expendables 2](movie:42634) and the rest of The Expendables franchise, many older stars are finding a comfortable home in the action genre. Arnold (SABOTAGE), Kevin Costner ([3 Days to Kill](movie:768004)), Clint Eastwood (GRAND TORINO) and even Sean Penn ([The Gunman](movie:738063)) have jumped on the bandwagon. Penn's film is, so far, the only one to bomb with its opening weekend box office returns. Even Mel Gibson took a turn in Stallone's [The Expendables 3](movie:388705) .

Not wanting to miss out on the rather lucrative bandwagon, Travolta will also lend his talents behind the scenes for I Am Wrath. It will be produced as an Indie film, with a smaller budget.


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