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I know this may seem incorrect right off the bat due to the death of Glenn in the comics coming from the hand of Negan and not during the time in Alexandria Safe Zone. Given that the show has been fairly lenient when adapting the events of the comic to the small screen, it is fair to say that it is plausible. With that said , I have had growing concerns over Glenn during the last few episodes and have now developed a theory.

As always, SPOILERS ahead so turn back now. Still here? good.

[The Walking Dead](series:201193) Season 5 has brought viewers their fair share of death from our group. Tyrese, Beth, Noah, Bob, and if you include the secondary Alexandria characters like Aiden and the Termites, many non-walkers have met their demise. But could Glenn be next?

Norman Reedus (Darryl) and Michael Cudlitz(Abraham) have already told Entertainment Tonight that this seasons finale will have viewers using Kleenex and screaming at the television, furthering that the episode will piss viewers off.

Given that information, it has led others to speculate about Morgans arrival or the Wolves, however what seems to have been forgotten is the story-line between Glenn and Nicholas that started in episode 14 with the death of Aiden. IN that episode, the audience essentially saw that Nicholas and Aiden did not try to save their own, instead opting to leave them for dead. This eventually led to Noah's death and a clear rift between Glenn and Nicholas.

This was furthered in Sunday night's episode when the viewers saw Nicholas lie to Deanna about the events leading to Aiden's death, and Glenn confronting Nicholas about not going outside of the walls again.

Then there is this...

Which up until Sunday had been missing. However, we found out last episode that Nicholas indeed has it hidden under a tree in a container.

When I saw this, I immediately thought that given the current controversy, Nicholas will use this gun in an attempt to kill Glenn. Add in the comments from Reedus and Cudlitz, and I have come to the conclusion that it is entirely possible we see Glenn die in the season finale Sunday.

What do you guys think?


Will Glenn die in the Season 5 Finale of The Walking Dead?


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