ByFiore Mastracci, writer at

Once again a big name tentpole under performs in the weekend box office results. INSURGENT was expected to rake in $90 million domestically this weekend, and garnered only $54 million. Understand, $54 million is a nice sum, but with a budget of over $110 million, the film will need considerable staying power to jump into the black. It is disconcerting when the box office pundits, who are generally very good, can't get a handle on viewers trends. The studio PR department quickly released statements boasting of a $100 million worldwide take, but even those reflect the domestic disappointment as the worldwide take was expected to meet and surpass production costs. To further compound the pain, Lionsgate is already committed to a third installment of the series.

The young teenage girl who saves the world may still rule in the Young Adult section of the book store, but it's power is waning at the box office. THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY PART ONE, did excellent business, though this is the wrap up of the series. Using the two-part ending plot, made popular with the HARRY POTTER series, certainly helped this franchise. But the returns for the DIVERGENT series show cracks in the armor. Perhaps one young lady, in the guise of Jennifer Lawrence, was enough to satiate viewers' appetites for this type of film.

While INSURGENT still captured the number one box office spot, it did not perform to expectations. Those associated with the film are disappointed, but perhaps the bar was set too high from the get go.


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