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Welcome TO THE FUTURE! Yes ladies and gentlemen, the future is now! We've got hoverboards, holograms, robots and the coolest thing of all, virtual reality headsets! The Oculus Rift is coming out soon, and Sony is rivaling it with their own VR headset called 'Project Morpheus.' But while these two big name headsets are butting heads, a much better headset is dominating the VR market!

The Google Cardboard! Now, that's not just some clever name, it really is made from cardboard! Yes, a VR headset made from the same material as moving boxes! But then, how are these cardboard goggles a better VR headset than the hi-tech Oculus Rift? How are they a VR headset at all? Simple, it may look like cardboard, but it's so much more! Here's how it works:

The Google Carboard comes as a simple cardboard box. You carefully unfold the box, and follow the instructions written on the inside of the cardboard. Do it correctly, putting every part in the corresponding spot, and you'll have yourself a genuine pair of Google goggles! All you have to do is stick your phone in the front and close it up with the Velcro, and you've got yourself a pretty awesome virtual theater right in front of your eyes! But that's not even the cool part, the coolest feature about this little cardboard VR headset is the magnet!

This tiny magnet attaches to the side of the cardboard and actually works as a button! Using this will allow you to select options on your phone, since you won't be able to reach your touchscreen. It's a nice and absolutely amazing feature. The simplistic design of this VR headset plus its amazing features proves that we're not only getting closer to the future we've always seen in films and largely anticipated, but that you don't need a fancy design or super hi-tech gear to get to it!

So now that we've talked about the awesome device, let's talk about the awesome interactive story inside: Insurgent: Shatter Reality!

Shatter Reality is a virtual reality experience based on the amazing sequel to Divergent! After seeing Insurgent in theaters, I can't tell you how excited I was to check this out! Now, this is something you really want to experience for yourself firsthand, and I just wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I ruined if it for you! So, with very mild spoilers, I will explain what this is to you.

In Shatter Reality, you take the role of a 'Divergent' being tested on by the cruel Jeannine! She has you hooked up to the testing chamber, and suddenly you're whisked away into a virtual world! It's funny, because you're using a virtual reality headset to play a virtual clip, in which you journey into a virtual reality world! It's virtual-ception!

Oh, and I haven't even told you the best part about the whole thing, Miles Teller is in it!


Okay, that's not the best part of the experience, I guess. But it's certainly up there for me! All in all, this experience is amazing! I definitely recommend getting the app and the cardboard!

If you're worried about the price of this particular item, it's actually very low cost! You can get the app for the very low price of free! And the Google Cardboard itself is very cheap. You can even make a knock-off version yourself for less than a dollar if you want by getting some cardboard and then following free online instructions! The Google Cardboard is the VR headset of the future, and Insurgent: Shattered Reality is the perfect example of its amazing features! Go get the headset today and download the Insurgent VR app so that you can see this amazing VR experience with your own eyes!


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