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I love DC, and I really like Marvel, but I grew up with DC and I kind of got into comics via the DC movie and TV that I watched, so it just
Ben Maelgwyn Davies

So, I heard that there was a contest for making an article about my favourite comic book characters of all time, and I thought that I might actually be in with a chance on this, so here I go, what's to loose right?

Oh, and I might just mention, that I'm fairly new to comic books, so if I get some information about the characters wrong, I'm so sorry.

5. Hulk

The big green machine himself
The big green machine himself

So, I must say that I do not own, nor have I read any of the Hulk comics, but There has always been something about him, about his character that I've always liked; the way that Bruce Banner, a small, almost pathetic scientist, would turn into a huge green fighting machine when he got angry. There is a moment that I've always remembered, and i think that it was in an animated Fantastic Four episode that Jonny Storm is trying to make Bruce angry, and he's sat there insulting his mother.

Filled with Gammer radiation and a whole lot of punch, this big green fighting machine just one of the most awesome characters in all of comics. He has also had two films, neither of which were that well received, even though The Incredible Hulk was not in anyway that bad of a film, before finally having his best on screen adaptaion played by the wonderful Mark Ruffalo in The Avengers.

4. John Constantine

He's a nasty piece of work, ask anyone
He's a nasty piece of work, ask anyone

John Constantine has been described as one of the most loved characters in the history in comics before, always appearing in the top ten favourite comic book characters for a lot of people, and this list in so exception. This Silver tongued mage may not been one of the best mages in the world, but he certainly knows how to deal with almost anything, and can improvise on the spot with almost anything.

Having his very own cult TV show on NBC (which is on the brink of being cancelled because of the worst time slot that could be imagined) which started the amazing Matt Ryan, who's portrayal of the character was as good as his ability to basically become the character. The only thing wrong with the character was his accent, which as a Brit myself was a little annoying, but that is just a side-note on how awesome his portrayal of the cigaret smoking: exorcist, demonologist and... petty dabbler in the dark arts, was.

3. The Joker

Wanna see a magic trick?
Wanna see a magic trick?

So my love for this character starts with the Heather Ledgers portrayal of the beloved Joker in Christopher Nolans brilliant film, The Dark Knight, which because of Ledgers performance keeps the film from falling below No. 3 on my favourite films list. The amazing laugh and the scattered mine of this psychotic clown is amazing, on minute he wants Batman dead, then he wants to know who he is, then he wants to keep Batman, because he knows that he can never live without him.

But I don't just love this version of the Joker, no, on of my favourite graphic novels (I have a smaller collection that most) is The Death of the Family, which features the most screwed up, and freaky version of the Joker that there can ever been, with his face literally being held on, because he cut it off in an escape from Arkham. If that isn't the Joker, then I seriously have no idea what is.

2. Batman

I think you know why I'm here...
I think you know why I'm here...

So as much as this may be cliched, and that he will be on a lot of peoples list, I have always loved Batman. I grew up watching Batman the Animated series, and basically every other series and film that there was available when I was a young kid, watching Batman & Robin, even though I knew that it was an awful film, just because I loved Batman.

Then when I recently picked up comics, I started to read Batman, particularly his New 52 adaptation, and I love it, everything that he does is just amazing. The detective and fighter, Batman will always be on of the best, most recognised, and most loved superheroes of all time, despite the fact that he never actually has any superpowers.

I also live all the people who have held the title of Batman (All the major people any) Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Thomas Wayne and Terry McGinnis, all of them brought different Batmans to the table (even though Dick didn't have the cowl for that long), all providing great stories for the fans.

I do also know that Damion Wayne was supposed to be Batman at one point, but I don't really know if that is still cannon.

1. Green Arrow

The Hood, The Vigilante, The Arrow... He's a Hero
The Hood, The Vigilante, The Arrow... He's a Hero

Yes, my all time favourite character is the Green Arrow, the guy who seems to have been sidelined quite a lot of the time for being a Batman rip-off who was just coloured green. With them both being billionaires that become vigilantes, I can see where people go wrong. But I beg to differ, Oliver Queen is a very different character to that of Bruce Wayne.

Unlike Bruce, Oliver actually does have a life outside of being the Green Arrow, he is married to Dinah Lance, who is the Black Canary. He also isn't the most noble of men, he is very selfish, at time not turning up to train Roy Harper (Arsenal) because he decides to have a drink with Hal Jordan.

And who could forget the amazing show that The CW has at them moment, which is proving that you can do a comic book adaptation onto live-action TV. From this show we have The Flash and soon to be A.T.O.M. spin-off's along with the animated, online show Vixen.


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