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For those of you who have never given the show a watch, or never taken it seriously enough to find out about it in detail, the X-Files is about a pair of FBI special agents, Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, who have been tasked with taking up strange, seemingly-inexplicable or just plain creepy cases that other agents cannot or will not take. Agent Mulder is the conspiracy theory and cryptozoology enthusiast, while Agent Scully is more than a little resistant, at first.

Over time, the two discover that the truth is just as strange, if not stranger, than fiction, as they encounter aliens, monsters, witchcraft and various other forces from the paranormal and the supernatural. The show lasted a total of 9 seasons, with a couple of movies to its credit as well. Though, since then, its absence has left something of a void; not only is the show gone, but some questions were left unanswered within the course of the show's run, leaving many wanting more.

Agents Scully and Mulder, on the case!
Agents Scully and Mulder, on the case!

Well, if you're among those wanting more (or finally feel compelled to give it a try for the first time), I've got good news: FOX is bringing the series back in the near future! Not a rumor, not something 'in the works', not waiting to be greenlit; it has been officially confirmed by the folks over at FOX themselves.

So there you have it! In the midst of so many other shows that have pretended to the throne since its departure from the TV screen in 2002, the X-Files is finally back to reignite the passion of its diehard fans, and to win a slew of starry-eyed newcomers along the way. Now, mind you, if you follow the link in the Tweet, you'll see that it's only on a trial basis at the moment.

There are only six episodes slated at this time. Yet, they're off to a great start, by bringing back the original actors in their roles. And with the good feedback that the show's return is nearly guaranteed to generate (assuming production takes notes from its best and worst-received episodes and arcs), we could very well see Agents Scully and Mulder back into the full swing of things, in no time!

*Cue the theme song*
*Cue the theme song*

So, what do you think? Is the X-Files just trying to cash in on the supernatural and paranormal craze of the modern era, by making a sudden (albeit wonderful) return to television? Or have you been dying to see the Agents back on the case to stop creatures, cults and conspiracies, wherever they may arise?

Let us know in the poll and comments below!


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