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Over just two days, [Teen Wolf](series:721002) actor Ian Bohen brought together enough money from enough different people to make a short movie.

Bohen is the latest Actor/would-be Writer/would-be Director to use the Kickstarter online fundraising platform to finance a passion project. His short film is called The Tow. “(the movie) is an idea that I’d been mulling over for a while but never really knew what to do with,” Bohen explains. “After managing to get the scrambled thoughts in my head onto paper, I realized I had a script that I was very proud of.”

The film is set in an alley in downtown Los Angeles and will star Teen Wolf’s JR Bourne and Paul Rae.

Note: As much fun as it was to hear Ian Bohen say my name on his Kickstarter video, I am not in the movie. That Paul Rae (I spell my name “Rea” BTW) is one of those working actors who appear in a lot of shows every season but you never know their names… well, I know HIS name because it’s pronounced the same as mine but you get what I mean.

Bohen first tweeted about the project on Friday afternoon and by Sunday morning he reached his goal of $15,000. By Tuesday, the total reached more than 180 donors with more than $17,000 raised.

Backers will receive gifts for their generosity. Some will get private screenings with Bohen in various cities around the world (coinciding with some of his Teen Wolf convention trips) while others get Skype calls from the actor. Signed scripts and digital copies of the finished film are also on offer.

He admits the financing is just a small part of bringing his vision to the screen. Actually producing a film, even a short one, takes a lot of planning and coordinating, “The biggest challenge ahead in the completion of this project is the coordination of each and every cog in our movie wheel so that everything lines up at the exact moment we need it to.”

If he can get the permit for the location and if he can get all those cogs clicking in order, Bohen hopes to have The Tow ready for audiences by June.


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