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He's a mean motherfuck*r!
Fluffy Duckerman

What?! I go to sleep for 6 hours and I wake up to find my reads have doubled! That is amazing! Great job guys! I couldn't predict that it would be my Hunter Zolomon post that got so popular. I always thought my Shazam post was more interesting. A bit of a shame not many people will read that one. I recommend it, it brings up some interesting points about the marketing of the film.

But thank you for all the reads and shares! They say fame doesn't happen overnight but it literally happened while I was sleeping. I'm not saying I'm famous though. The post seems to be but I still have the same amount of followers from last week.

Thank you for making me apart of your superhero speculation. There were a lot of comments to reply to but I did it. Some where quite insightful. I don't mind being insulted, just as long as you get a kick out of this. Again, wow!

P.S. Internet is still down so most likely I am getting out 11 reviews on the weekend. Got a lot of work to do.


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