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[Arrow](series:720988) Episode 17 Promo EXPLAINED:

First of all, if you haven’t seen the promo, here it is:

This season of Arrow has drown our attention a lot with actions like Arrow's "death", after which they made all of us, crazy fans, wait and create theories about what was gonna happen. Then, the next shocking event was when Malcom Merlyn became Thea and Ollie's "teacher" after all he has done to them. And the latest event was that Ra's Al Ghul has asked Oliver Queen to "continue his legend" as the new Ra's Al Ghul. After he declined, the last flash of a video we got to see was Ra's Al Ghul himself, playing as the arrow.

With all this, it seems like the new episode will have even more exciting and unexpected events happening and quite soon actually!

Yes... He is finally here!
Yes... He is finally here!


In the first 3 seconds of the preview you it says " Love is a Bullet". This is referring to the love triangle of Oliver Queen , Felicity Smoak and Ray Palmer. The bullet is the fight that is going to happen between Arrow and Atom (Ray Palmer). It could possibly hint a death or near death in the love triangle.

All of the first 3 seconds of the Promo are in Diggle and Lyla's wedding where Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak realize that they both have the same feelings for each other.

When Diggle and Lyla head off to their honeymoon, Deadshot crashes the party with a "toast"....oh, and the new Suicide Squad mission.

The suicide squad is hired to rescue the U.S. Senator, Joseph Cray, before things go wrong. Amanda Waller and Task Force X get some help from Arrow and his team

When Amanda Waller gave the Squad their new mission, she also introduced the newest member who is no other than Arrow's Obsessive "Romantic Fan" ,Cupid.

After the fight between [Arrow](series:720988) and Atom, Ray essentially finds out who the man under the hood actually is. Knowing this, Felicity is horrified of what ray will do to Oliver Queen.

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