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Colton TheDoctor Douglas

I'm getting f*cking sick and tired of the teenage Spider-Man! We need and older and more mature Spider-Man, not the same whiny teenager we've seen before.

I think they need to bring back Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man to be in the new movies. That way we get a Spider-Man back we all loved back (No untalented boring Garfield) in action again!

In a new Spider-Man movie in could start of with Spidey swinging through the city, when something blast past him. That something would be IRON-MAN! Spider-Man would help Iron Man taking down a big bad, and for helping him Iron Man would reward Spider-Man.

Spider-Man would be given the Iron Spider suit, and with it Spider-Man can now stand up to much tougher bad guys. This could be a gateway into the Civil War story, where if I remember correctly, Spider-Man worked with Iron Man on it.

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