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Though not that popular in the US Asterix is one of the most know comic book characters in Europe. He was created by René Goscinny (a French author). Asterix is a Gal from the time of the Roman Empire.He gets supernatural speed, strength and resistance when he drinks a magic potion. I put him on this list because he is a very funny character and because he is one of a the most important heros in European comics.

4.Spiderman (Peter Parker)

A lot of you might think that this is a really unoriginal idea. I agree, but I still put this character here since he is one of the most iconic characters from all of the comic books. He was the first superhero I heard of and he was the one i grew up with until I found about Ironman, Batman or Superman. I know a lot of you had the same especially if you live in countries where comics aren't that popular. He's one of the most important Marvel superheros co-created by Stan Lee.


The dog we all love. Snoopy is one of the most iconic comic characters and that's why he's on this list. Created by Charles M. Schulz he is the dog of Charlie Brown. I mean look at that face. Sweet!


The Man of Steel. The most stereotype superhero there can ever be. With his blue spandex suit and a red cape he is a fan favourite. He inspired countless ripoffs and he looks awesome. One of the most important members of The Justice League of America he really is one of the most important heroes.

1.Darth Vader

Though not an original comic book character, after the success of "Star Wars" he and plenty other SW heroes were put into comic stories. The Sith lord we all would not want to meet was and is one of my favourite comic personas. Having a new series published by Marvel Comics he is a really interesting villain.

This list is just a list of top 5 comic book characters in a random order. I think all of these heroes are as important.

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