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As some of you may or may not know, today is Jim Parsons's, also know as Sheldon Cooper from the popular television show, Big Bang Theory, 42 birthday! Jeez, as he only looks like he turned 30 today. He was born in Houston, Texas (What a coincidence as he is also from Texas in the show?) March 23, 1973. He has played the renowned physicist, Sheldon, for 8 season of The Big Bang Theory and has won 8 Emmy awards for the show! Wow I would think thats a lot.

Now for us Big Bang Theory watchers out there, Sheldon (Jim Parsons) has played a major role in show and has taught us many life lessons, such as to save YOUR spot on a couch, -

Save your spot everyone!
Save your spot everyone!

- and ALWAYS be optimistic! Sheldon has always been a goof when it comes to relationships as so many of us are. As you should, always love your mother, for she might make a mean fried chicken. But never be afraid to be yourself, as Jim so greatly expresses in his role as Sheldon Cooper.

-So be sure to get your hugs before they're gone!

So tell me what your favorite Sheldon moments are!


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