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Earlier today, the latest poster to The Fantastic Four was released. The reboot directed by Josh Trank will bring Marvel's First Family to the big screen in a new adaption that follows the "Ultimate Fantastic Four" story-line. The movie stars Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell and Toby Kebbell. While the poster does its job by showcasing both the movie's concept and characters, the new sheet had me thinking about a matter that has been in my mind for a while.

As we can see from this poster, as well as other images for the film, the Fantastic Four will not be wearing their classic costumes in the upcoming reboot. For years, the four have been shared matching uniforms (with the exception of Thing). From everything that I have seen from the film, that may not be case as the team will be wearing outfits that are much different from their comic book attires. While this may not be a major concerns for the film, I cannot help but wonder: is the Fantastic Four's new costumes a problem for the upcoming film?

Michael B. Jordan to play the Human Torch
Michael B. Jordan to play the Human Torch

The matter of changing superheroes' costumes does not start with The Fantastic Four, but in fact most superhero movies.

Throughout the years, superheroes have gone through several attires, both on the page and on screen. Perhaps one of the best examples of this transition is Batman who has been known to wear full body suit on film oppose to donning his standard cape and cowl. While the likes of Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan depicted Batman in body armor, the suit did not take away from the movie's presentation; nor did it divulge from the concept of Batman.

My thought about cinematic costumes for superheroes is that it is fine for filmmakers to have different looks for characters; as long as the idea behind the costume remains true to the concepts presented in the comics.

Kate Mara filming Fantastic Four
Kate Mara filming Fantastic Four

So in the case of the Fantastic Four's rebooted attires, I am alright with the costumes for the time being. From what I can tell, the Four's outfits have their own sense of character while each maintains a similar (well with the exception of Ben Grimm who does seem to be wearing any clothes). The costumes for this upcoming movie seem to capture the concept of exploration suits. Just by looking at the outfits, they come off as astronaut suits; which I believe makes sense for the Fantastic Four. These attires for Marvel's first family are different, but if superhero movies have taught me anything in the past it is that different can be good.

Miles Teller to play Mister Fantastic
Miles Teller to play Mister Fantastic

Again the change in costume could be the last thing people will have an issue with in The Fantastic Four, as many will be questioning this reboot as a whole. Yet I cannot help but feel that the Fantastic Four's costumes could be a means to make early criticisms towards the movie. While I need to see the four and their outfits in action, I can say that there is nothing that bothers me with the reboot's take on the Fantastic Four costumes.

As long as the movie keeps true to The Fantastic Four, then I think a costume change will be the least of anyone's worries.

[The Fantastic Four](movie:34667) hits theaters on August 7th.


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