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im am a fan of all things comics and movies every thing to geek out about.
  • My 5 favorite superhero comics:

As a fan its is hard to choose. Do go by ability, strength,power or popularity. I for one love all the characters. But for me i have to say my 5 favorites character are the lowbrow people.

#1 this character is my favorite: ( evil ernie) i love him because he is a dark character with creativity his horrible child hood and tragic ending its a story to me of love.his love of lady death.

#2 watchmen rorschach. He also is a dark character fighting for good and justice evenif his justice is bad. Rorschach is basically a reverse batman.he is a character of the people and society

grifter. He is a badass gun slinger i love his mask it reminds me of deadpool. His character is so awsume that image comics has him in many different groups.

#4 lobo. Now were talking about character that need more reconnation lobo is a drink smoke brick of asskicking whit his guns and chains a comic that is need to be read it is basically adult humor at its best.

#5 deadpool every loves him he is the best assasin of marvel he is the marvel killer he cant die he is great with weapons. Also to note hes is not only a killer he is a love of death the one that thanos loved

# contest


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