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We all have that one comic that we might have found randomly at a store or in a family members house that changed us. It may have converted you into the crazy fan who cant get enough of these awesome stories with amazing characters. I can remember my first comic book like it was yesterday even though it was about thirteen years ago. It was a pretty sunny day in the summer the weather was pretty dry but windy still just a perfect day. I was on a trip to visit some family members and the flight was going to be about two hours. My dad had told me to pick out a book at news stand so i wouldn't be bored so we walk in and there's countless of book all around me. I couldn't choose any but then i got to this section that had so many bright and interesting covers and i noticed one in particular right away. It was [The Punisher](movie:1007544) Kills The Marvel Universe i was astounded how many familiar faces i saw on it from cartoons i had watched here and there. I knew i had to get this book even though I had no idea who Punisher was so i was on my way with the comic in hand. What happened next can only be described as magic because i was completely blown away by what I was reading.

Literally i read that comic about five times before that trip ended and after that the obsession started and still continues. It was just seeing these panels filled with so much art and amazing story that got me hooked. Its so wonderful to get into comics there's just so many different types of comic book nowadays for just about anybody and what there interests might by. That my First Comic Book Memory but whats yours?


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