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The Usual Suspects is an all time favorite. No matter how many times I watch it, those last seven minutes just never get old, which made this movie a pretty obvious choice for . I must warn you, that if you haven't seen the movie, there are spoilers all throughout the post, so proceed with caution!

Keyser Söze is real.

Keyser Söze was based on murderer John List (sometimes labeled the "Bogeyman of Westfield"), who killed his his wife, mother, and three children in 1971 and then disappeared for 18 years.

"In English, please?"

The character of Fenster was named after the German word for window, and originally conceived as the oldest man of the group, a more seasoned veteran. Benicio Del Toro was originally asked to audition for the role of McManus, but Benicio asked to audition for the role of Fenster, telling the director that he had an 'idea' for the part. The unintelligible way that Fenster spoke was Benicio's idea, and the director decided to go with it. The actors in the movie were encouraged to ad-lib responses to Benicio's accent, and in some cases, they didn't understand him at all.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled...

The line that Verbal Kint delivers about the devil is a quote from the French poet Charles Baudelaire. The same quote appears in End of Days (1999), also featuring actors Gabriel Byrne, and Kevin Pollak. Neither director Bryan Singer, or writer Christopher McQuarrie was aware that the line was from Baudelaire until after the film was finished.

The cigarette flick.

When Redfoot flicks his cigarette into the face of McManus, it was originally intended to hit his chest, so McManus' reaction is actually Stephen Baldwin's real unscripted reaction that Bryan Singer decided to keep in the movie.

Everyone is Keyser Söze.

In an interview on The Colbert Report, Kevin Spacey revealed that Bryan Singer managed to convince every one of the major actors that they were Keyser Söze. When first screened for the company of actors, Gabriel Byrne was so stunned when he found that he wasn't Keyser Söze that he stormed off into the parking lot and argued with Singer for a half hour.


Did you learn anything new?

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