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In 2016 we are set to get a Power Rangers Reboot (sadly not based on the Youtube video Power/ Rangers). Although this will be a family film it doesn't mean that the film can't be gritty and have very a talented cast.

So without further ado.

Morgan Freeman - Zordon

Zordon is essential a giant face, so why not have one of the most iconic and recognizable faces in Hollywood. Also I don't believe any character in history would benefit more from having that iconic Morgan Freeman voice. On top of that Freeman is an elite actor.

Lena Headey - Rita Repulsa

That's right my casting for Rita Repulsa is non other than Cersei Lannister herself. This greatly talented actress has made herself the most hated woman in Westeros and for that reason I wholeheartedly believe she can pull of the most hated women in the galaxy.

Emma Watson - Kimberly Hart

One of, if not the hottest young actress in Hollywood. Emma Watson is an immensely talented young actress who already has years of major film experience under her belt.

Freddie Highmore - Billy Cranston

Highmore is most famous for playing Norman Bates in Bates Motel. This kid has amazing acting chops and pairing them with a geeky look makes for the perfect for Blue Ranger.

Malese Jow - Trini Kwan

Trini was the hardest role for me to cast, young talented Asian actresses were very hard to come by and that is a shame. Whilst casting Trini my sister was watching The Flash and that's where I saw a fairly good performance from a age appropriate Asian actress, what a coincidence.

Ray Fisher - Zack Taylor

Of my casting Ray Fisher is the most unknown quantity but a few month ago this man was cast as Warner Brothers and DC's Cyborg, so he clearly is already impressing the right people. In my research on the guy In noticed that of my cast he may actually be the most qualified for the physical side of the role have played Muhammed Ali on the stage, thus he must have been trained excessively in stage combat.

Jack O'Connell - Jason Lee Scott

I found Jason to be hard to cast so I just thought I'd cast for talent. O'Connell is one of the fastest rising young actor in the world, attaching Jack to this project would be a master stroke.

Luke Pasqualino - Tommy Oliver

O'Connells old Skins running mate just happens to be my ideal casting for the Green/ White ranger. Hopefully O'Connell and Pasqualino can recapture their old chemistry and use it to help mold this into a film to remember. Aside from him having worked with a fellow cast member, I also believe in Pasqualino's ability as an actor to do justice to Jason David Frank's character.

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