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I have had enough. What is the big deal?

"She is skinny."

SO WHAT?!?!?!

Check this out...

Old School, new school
Old School, new school

She is almost the exact same proportions as Lynda Carter. Not good enough? How about this?

Justice League: War
Justice League: War

The freaking animation team over at DC can make her look however they want, and she is skinny. Still not enough?

Justice League
Justice League

What's that? Another skinny [Wonder Woman](movie:45787), that's right!

Oh, and then there is my favorite argument about the casting decision...

"Her chest isn't that big."

COME ON!!!!!

I would rather not acknowledge that line of thinking with a response, but obviously I am obligated to. So here it is, "grow up."

Next topic.

"But she can't act."

FINALLY! Someone with half a brain has posed a reasonable disagreement, but I am not as convinced about this one either. To say that someone can't act is a little bit misleading. This is what I mean. Film is an enormously collaborative effort. If a film comes out and one of the actors in it has done a poor job, we are generally very quick to point a finger at them and say that they are no good. But there is far more to the film making process that one actor's ability to portray a character.

The director has to not only be able to convey the vision for that character, but also to film as many takes as is necessary to get the right emotion. If a scene makes it into the film where an actor is ridiculous or unbelievable the question I have is, "how did that get by the director?"

There is also editing. If an editor doesn't know what they are doing they can make a conversation appear uncomfortable or forced. Editing is very tough, that is why there is a category for it at the Oscars.

Then there is the script. Now an actor's primary job is to make someone else's words their own, but what if someone else's words are garbage? If you handed Tom Hanks a terrible script he might be able to make it work... or not.

I said all of that to say this. I don't think we have seen enough diversity or quantity in Gadot's resume to be able to make a firm statement about her ability as an actor. I'm pretty sure the Fast and Furious franchise is not where actors go to show off their talents and gun for an Academy Award. Maybe Daniel Day Lewis could win an Oscar in one of those films, maybe not. Gal Gadot has also not had a leading role or one that had a lot of screen time. Who knows what she might be capable of? And who is to say that she couldn't have improved since the F&F movies?

I admit... she might stink as Wonder Woman. That is a real possibility. But none of us saw her audition.

I think Gal Gadot's acting is not the only element that will make or break her character. Story telling, script, and making the lasso not turn into a huge joke are equally important issues. I really hope she is a hit, and I really hope the movie is a success. But we will see.

Also, I am not worried about the color of her costume in this image. All of the official character images that have been released are discolored... in case you haven't noticed. I also think Aquaman's pants will be green.

It's like... they did it on purpose.
It's like... they did it on purpose.


What do you think of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman?


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