ByAndrew Leech, writer at
Ever since I was a kid, and still today, I have read marvel and DC's comic books, cartoons, and movies.
Andrew Leech

My five favorite superheros are Bat Man, Spider man, Master Chief, Shazam (Captain Marvel), and Captain Marvel. Bat Man is one of my favorite superhero or hero because he was my first favorite superhero and also because he may not have super powers but he is one in my opinion the best in the Justice League. My second favorite superhero is Spider Man because while Bat Man is in DC universe Spider Man is in Marvel so I chose one from DC, and one from Marvel which is Spider Man. Spider Man is my favorite because I always thought he was funny, cool, and pretty strong. My third favorite Super hero is the Master Chief. Even though the Master Chief is not in Marvel or DC he is still one of my favorite especially from the video game series. I like him because he saved the Earth many times from the Covenant, the Flood, and the Forerunners. I have read all the books, and comic books, and video games. My forth favorite superhero is Shazam. I like him because he was able to keep up his fighting skills with super man a lot better than a lot of people ever could. I also like him because he is not well known or talked about which makes him cool to see in some cartoons. My last favorite super hero is Captain America. I like him because he is fun to watch fight and also he is the first leader to the Avengers.


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