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General Zod is a Kryptonian who rebelled against his planet's oppressive government, but soon became a lawless tyrant who lusted for power. Alongside his wife, Ursa, he was sentenced to exile into the Phantom Zone. Years later he escaped and started a Kryptonian invasion into Earth, being stopped by Superman and his biological son and also adopted son of Superman, Christopher Kent. He was later freed from the Zone in order to help Supergirl's mom, Alura, to rule the city of Kandor AKA The New Krypton. The changes of the New 52 didn't affect his character, as he remains a power hungry Kryptonian and a hated enemy of Superman. Zod was the only Superman enemy who appeared into the big screen, apart from Lex Luthor. His most famous and iconic saying is Kneel before Zod, which expresses his lust for power.who he thinks he is a badass


Mongul was the leader of an alien world until a revolution occurred and was exiled into outer space. He is a very powerful alian, having fought several famous heroes like Wonder Woman, Flash, and Batman. However, his greatest enemy is super man. After being defeated many times, Mongul was finally killed by the demon Neron, who tried to steal his soul. Although he died, his son, also named Mongul, continued his father's work being a much more tough opponent and cruel villain. After destroying Coast City and killing many innocents, he became the leader of the Yellow Lantern Corps. Although this alien family usually end up losing their battles, during the years they've become known and feared by the entire galaxy. wizard

his insanely powerful villain can control the weather with nothing more than a wave of a wand. At some points in his career, Mark Mardon doesn't even need the wand. With his ability to summon lightning, blizzards, and even tornadoes and hurricanes, this villain tends to push the Flashes to their limit in battle in tell he kills the flash

7.captain cold

Captain Cold might not look like much at first glance. He's basically Mister Freeze with a goofier costume, right? While Leonard Snart's freeze gun may be reminiscent of that iconic Batman villain, the character's personality and motivations are far different. Snart embodies the Flash Rogues more than any other. He was the one who united this motley crew into a common force in the first place.

Cold may lead a life of crime, but he has a sense of morality driving him. He follows his own rigid code of honor, and he punishes other criminals who violate it. He always keeps his word, even when dealing with the Flash.

6.captain america

Even though he went a little mad during The Marvel Civil War, Cap is still one of my favorite heroes. Cap is one of the first Marvel characters that are still active, and over time Cap has become a pop culture icon. Although the first Captain America movie was pretty average, Captain America: The Winter Soldier was brilliant! He played a major role in The Marvel Civil War, and was written perfectly, he did try to kill Iron man, and go a bit crazy, but that is one of the things that made the series so good. ibet u guys are like wtf i meant the comic so come down


One of the most recognizable characters in pop culture history, Spidey is by far the 5 best superhero (in my opinion). Unlike most other superheroes, things almost never go the way Spidey wants them to go, but he stays the same humorous hero no matter what. Spider-man is hilarious and relatable. His character feels so human, he is a flawed human being just like us, but with superpowers.


Wolverine is a great character, and his ability to heal just about any wound and make admantium claws come out of his hands makes him cooler than he already is. He is one of the first Marvel characters I liked, he is one of the reasons I watched the first X-men movie. He is the best at what he does, but what he does isn't pretty.


As smart as Bane is, there's no matching the Riddler's own enigmatic intelligence. Edward Nigma is another character that I wish people would give more credit to the Riddler.As far as movies go, the last time we even saw the Riddler (in live-action) was his portrayal by Jim Carrey in the 1995 film, Batman Forever. It wasn't a bad portrayal of the Riddler, despite the fact that it was a Joel Schumacher film; it just had it's own Jim Carrey flavor to it.Even when you look at games like the Arkham series, the Riddler doesn't play a role that is central to the story, he's left being the side-mission's villain. He's the gimmick and even in 2009's Arkham Asylum, you don't even get to see the character. Thankfully, they at least allowed you to physically take down the Riddler in Arkham City, even if it was a little easy. Hopefully he'll get some more attention in the Arkham Knight game which I think is the plan.What keeps characters like The Riddler alive though is the love of these characters being applied by writers like DC Comics scribe, Scott Snyder. I don't know if you've read Batman: Zero Year or not; if you haven't, I encourage you to do so. The story of Zero Year was the first time that I got to see the Riddler play such a large role and be the main antagonist to Batman instead of being sidelined as per usual.This is what makes Scott Snyder such an awesome writer though, he reminds us why characters like the Riddler still matter, why they claim the fame of being one of the most recognizable members of Batman's Rogues Gallery. I was glad to have seen the Riddler be front and center because he challenges Batman to stay sharp, to keep him smart.

2.the joker

I don't consider myself the type of person to just follow the fad of something just because it's popular. I try to think as originally as possibly and make sure that my opinions, my beliefs, and my interests are not swayed by what others may think. With that being said, I know the Joker is the most popular and most liked Batman villain of all time and there will never (or at least not for a long time) be a villain to claim such a high pedestal in the eyes of fans.

The thing about the Joker is that he is just too interesting. He is a man with one smile and many faces. His origins are a mystery, even if there are stories like The Killing Joke, Endgame, and others that delve into his origin, it seems it's always changing. He's the physical form of chaos, there is no figuring him out, he has no MO.


That's what makes Joker the perfect villain, that's why he's the yin to Batman's yang. There's a constant, eternal struggle between the two. Batman is an immovable object and Joker is an unstoppable force (literally, as I was typing that, I just realized that Heath Ledger's Joker said the same thing in The Dark Knight).Heath Ledger in The Dark KnightI like to think that Joker is Batman's motivation for continuing on in his crime fighting ways. He understands the criminal mind. He's taken down so many different types of villains. But even though he has taken down the Joker so many times, it was never cause he began to understand the Joker, it almost seems like anytime the Joker gets caught, it's because he wanted to get caught. We've all seen this happen in so many different mediums of entertainment whether it's comic, movies, or games.


Deadpool is funny, badass, bloodthirsty, and bat shit insane. What's not to love about him? The thing I love about Deadpool is how he slowly sank into his own insanity, and he knows this. He is usually funny, but has moments when he shows his true emotions, showing he is not just a humorous merc that kills for fun, he is a disturbed and lonely human being. He hates being like this, and there are a lot of references to this. I also like Deadpool because he is just naturally funny, making it more enjoyable. Deadpool is a brilliant character everyone knows and loves.


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