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Not the typical comic book lover you will encounter because I don't pick sides on who's the best company, I just pick up any comic, read it,
Macario Silva

5. Silver Sable

Though most people would pick Jean Grey, Storm, Ms. Marvel, Wonder Woman, Hawk Girl, etc. I chose Silver Sable because of the super-heroines I have the most comics of her (30 to be exact). And I also felt that she is a bit under appreciated and often overshadowed by Black Widow.

4. Spawn

One reason only, he defeated both the armies of Heaven and Hell like they were flies (of course with the help of MOTHER) and tried to recreate the world without the intervention of God and Satan.

3. The Spectre

As a huge Batman fan I was contemplating who is the best hero of DC and my conclusion was this badass, The Spectre. I only own about 45 issues of this hero (about 1/3 as much of I have of Batman), but what made me love this character a bit more than Batman was the fact that though he is the embodiment of God's wrathful judgement and possessed much of God's powers he is still limited by divine and sacred boundaries that don't allow him to kill any random evildoer.

2. Magik

Coming in at number 2 on my list is essentially the female version of another personally favorite of mine, Dr. Strange, and that is Magik. She is mainly known or associated as the younger sister of Colossus and Mikhail Rasputin. Despite her relation to her older brothers in Marvel I solely came to like because of her under-appreciation in the Marvel Universe and feel that she has a lot of potential to be a semi-popular standalone character in comics due to her powers and unique appeal.

1. Spider-Man

It seems to typical, but for most of my childhood Spider-Man was the hero I deeply admired because of his cringing humor, he is the most relate-able hero in the sense he dealt with typical human problems, had fairly interesting villains, and lastly he has fought against some powerful Marvel heroes and beaten them thanks to his wits and be very annoying. And this is just a small list of reasons why I love him and no matter what others say I can't even comprehend the idea of ever disliking him.


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