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Do or do not, there is no try..
Kerry Cepero

Heroes are still human....

As viewers, we are entertained by their suffering. We celebrate their victories but forget the sacrifices made to get there. While we talk and write on their exploits, we ignore that somewhere in a fictional universe they are alone in a room, after the battle is won. Most of them have no one to comfort what truly troubles them. They have lost loved ones... at times, brutally.

They are contemplating their lives, and the purpose for their existence; looking toward an unknown future where a happy life is far from their reach. When they know there is a far greater chance they will die a horrible death, and the path to the end will be filled with agony and more suffering.

Somewhere in a dark room, with a bottle of alcohol nearby our hero sits on the edge of the bed; with the barrel of a gun in their mouths… willing to end it all. No words, no one to call and talk them out of it.

The following is in my opinion, characters that would eat a bullet if they could, or if they had too. Before you get all huffy puffy about morals or ethics in regards to suicide remember one thing. PTSD exists on many platforms and this is a fictional imagining of some popular characters that definitely suffer some form of PTSD. The right to die in ancient times was considered the ultimate honour and the biggest F.U. you can give to your enemies.

For the brief moment I have your attention... put yourself in their shoes. Imagine living their lives. Would you be able to sleep at night? Would you be able to close your eyes and forget? Would you trust to love again?

If the answer is no.... then can you continue to live in that existence?


I starting off with someone we all know and acknowledge will eventually die before his time. There is a pool of tragic heroes in history and Jack Baur swims in it every day. We all know how much he has given by the time hour 24 is reached, and we know how much he has lost. A happy life will never be made available to him due to the countless enemies he has made, and he would sacrifice himself for the greater good, but what if he survives it all. When his war is over…so unfortunately will his life by his own hand.

Probable last words… “Kim…please forgive me...”


It pains me to include him on this list, because as a Supernatural fan I would have wished a family and kids for his lifelong commitment to save humanity from evil. Yet, with trips to Hell and Heaven, resurrections and deaths, he has seen it all and the life Dean has will suck out all the happiness in the end. Sam will meet someone and fall in love, and Dean will assure that, but for him it will all end sadly. He will not allow his enemies the pleasure of writing his finale in the Book of Winchester. Dean will enjoy one last plate of burgers and fries, down a few beers, cry a little when he looks at a picture of him and Sam together, and in the end curse at the heavens.

Probable last words… “I’ll see you around Sammy…”


Ryan will do his best to have a life. He will love someone, and try to find a better place but it won’t last long. Eventually, some sick bastard will come after him; be merciless in his pursuit. Methodically chip away at Ryan’s personal life, maybe kill his sister in some horrific manner in front of a camera and post it up on the internet. Worse yet, kill the woman he loves. Ryan Hardy will have his vengeance and win the war against “The Following”…but he will suffer at the end. Right there in that lonely apartment he will seek the only solution to what will be an unbearable pain.

Probable last words… “I can’t go on anymore…”


Okay, Frank isn’t a hero, and if you watch “House of Cards” on Netflix you will know why. Yet, you can’t help but admire his resolve to reach the heights of power. He is Henry the 8th sans all the wives. He will win the Presidency, and after will have to wage a war to avoid being impeached in disgrace. To assure his place in history, and solidify his political legacy, Frank Underwood will eat a bullet rather than rot in disgrace.

Probable last words… “They’ll still have to wait in line to visit my grave…”


To be honest, you can list every character in “The Walking Dead” as a suicidal individual but there is a reason why Daryl is here. Imagine that the survivors have found a cure to the disease. The world is rebuilding and the “walkers” are finally dying off due to their rotting bodies. When everyone is talking about there being a “tomorrow”; some like Daryl will still be stuck in yesterday. He doesn’t socialize well, and will still hear his brothers condescending voice in his head. Daryl will ultimately find himself alone in some backwoods cabin killing off walkers that venture into his domain. In the end, the memories will get him and when he is sick and tired of the nightmares that wake him up at night Daryl will end it all.

Probable last words… “F*^K you Merle…”


I doubt Marvel would ever write the last chapter of Iron Man’s life as a suicide, but in a fictional universe I see him eating a bullet. You saw what the events of the first Avengers movie caused him in the last Iron Man movie. Once the universe opens its ugly mouth to Tony Stark he will see nothing but despair. Friends will die…Pepper will move on. The nightmares of his “near death” experiences won’t end so he’ll eventually eat a bullet…or laser.”

Probably last words… “Jarvis…execute…”

So that’s it; just a small group of individuals that in my opinion are so generally screwed up that they would eat a bullet if they could. This isn't a celebration of the subject but an observation into the possibility that in their fictional lives, this may be the biggest mercy granted to them; a just reward…a final peace.

I leave you with with a couple of videos that add seasoning to this article.


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