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read comics and love sci fi movies
Gaz Hull

My top five favorite superheros are

  • Batman
  • Superman
  • Flash
  • Shazam/Captain Marvel
  • Spider-man

Batman: the reason why i liked batman was because he was always cool amongst my family and when i was little i used to watch the TV show and always thought it was interesting and cool but when i got older i started to read the comics and thought this is a great story. So i started looking online for origin stories and other things such as his villains and sidekicks and other comics involving batman. However i truly like him for his diversity to other superheros because he has no powers other than his smarts and utility belt.

Superman: I liked superman when i was young watching the old Christopher reeves movies and always imitating him. However when i got older i started to read the comics and looking him up and how much the character superman changed so much in the world. But i really liked him because he was always in a way shy but he could overcome that by becoming superman.

Flash: My family and friends have always influenced me on liking the flash. However when i was younger i used to be bullied because i was a slow runner and that comic of the flash always made me feel good about myself. Also i started to read the new 52 comic of the flash and then the tv show came on and it made me feel good about myself that one of my childhood hero came onto live television.

Shazam/Captain Marvel: one of my friends had introduced me to this character and i fell in love with it right away. i always liked that he was a 10 year old and one word turned him into a great powerful being and i guess that i always wished when i was younger to be all powerful and reading that comic always made me feel good about being my younger self and have no responsibilities.

Spiderman: Recently i've started to read the comics and realise while im reading this comic that life isn't so bad unless your fighting evil bad guys. so i really like him because i can connect with the character peter parker because im in high school and i can relate to all his high school problems and some days i wish i could spin a web.


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