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Hello. I am making my first article. Moviepilot has great articles so I thought what the hell why not express my thoughts. Anyway, DCCU is under a lot of heat right now and for one unfathomable reason: people hate DC for no fucking reason.

However, DCCU contributors and DC writers like Jim Lee and most recently Jason Momoa are very happy with Zack Snyder's plan. Momoa revealed Snyder's ideas alone are great. This makes me even more excited about DCCU and show destroy all the DCCU .Why?

1. Did you just hear why Momoa likes the DCCU?

Because of Snyder's ideas. No script. Just some fucking ideas. Must be pretty incredible for such hope. Plus countless others like Jeremy Irons, Henry Cavill,Ben Affleck, Jessie Eisenberg and Scoot McNairy say things like "amazing", "visual spectacle" and "smart". Don't trust Ben Affleck? I guess winning 2 Oscars doesn't make a person reputable.

2. Snyder Entrusted

Zack Snyder (my favorite director along with Christopher Nolan) is hated (again) for no freaking reason. I mean 300 was legendary and influential movie. He certainly has a visual talent. Watchmen was the best comic book movie of all time and anybody who adapts that is pretty much the best comic book director of all time because it is the unfilmable film. Everything about Watchmen was perfect expect the sex scenes (but seeing Silk Spectre naked was pretty awesome). Dawn of the Dead was a good remake (and that's rare). Sucker Punch ad Legend of the Owls were visually amazing, underrated and had an interesting concept. Man of Steel is the best Superman film ever. Entrusting him with DCCU is a smart idea. He makes perfect casting decisions (Henry Cavill as Superman,Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Michael Shannon as General Zod, Gearld Butler as King Lenoidis, Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach, Matthew Goode as Ozyimadas, Jason Momoa as [Aquaman](movie:264237), Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Ezra Miller as The Flash and Ben Affleck as Batman). Why not trust him?

3. Plenty great sources of material to work with.

David Ayer said it right when he said DC universe is too rich to throw away. DC has great stories to act as formats for their movies. I'd love to see a Crisis in DCCU. At this point, I'd take any though my favorite is Infinite Crisis expect the death of Ted Kord and Superman and Batman acting like babies when WW killed Maxwell Lord (that guy was a bitch). Another example is All-Star Superman for a final Superman movie.

In conclusion, I have no doubts for the DCCU. The big Question (pun intended) is what do you think? I hope for feedback on my article and DCCU. Moviepilot is awesome!


Do you still have doubts?


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