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Jessica Harmon

A new TV series plans to entertain and help save parts of the world at the same time.

RePlan it, from documentary filmmaker Rob Hill and CNN Hero Jock Brandis, will follow a team of inventors to underprivileged, remote villages to install sustainable solutions and help improve lives across the globe.

Imagine there's an isolated village completely off the grid. No electricity, no phones and very little contact with the outside world. In the event of an emergency, something as simple as a cell phone would be more valuable than gold! But how could you keep it charged?

The stars are a group of rogue, low-tech engineers called the Full Belly Project, crossing the globe developing simple, sustainable solutions that change lives. Led by CNN Hero and Purpose Prize-winner Jock Brandis (one of the world’s leading authorities in the field of sustainable technology), REPLAN IT and the Full Belly Project will be doing their best every episode to change lives.

In each episode, Jock and the team visits a community in desperate need of resources like clean water, sanitation, and health care. Once there, they determine that specific community’s needs and create innovative but simple solutions that will bear the most impact.

But getting there isn’t easy and Jock and the team can’t do it alone! That’s why Hill and Brandis have launched an IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign where every dollar generated will help to bring much needed support and resources to those in need across the globe.


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