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Even if you aren't a fan of romantic stories you have to admit this guy knows how to write a good kissing scene. The best ones almost always include water.

1. The Best of Me

Dawson and Amanda kiss in the rain. On a roof.

I'm just glad they didn't fall!

2. Dear John

I mean...adorable. Also in a dangerous situation. Amanda clearly could have gotten a very unsexy splinter.

3. The Lucky One

No rain here. Just a good ol' outdoor shower.

No shower? No Rain? No problem...head to the beach!

4. Safe Haven

Only now there's the opportunity to get knocked over but it's probably worth the risk.

Don't forget this movie still had a romantic little rain scene.

5. The Last Song

If you've got perfectly messy, wet hair you're pretty much guaranteed a hot makeout session. Bonus points for beach hair.

6. The Notebook

Never forget.

Ok one more time because they're the king and queen of the rain lip-lock.

Spark's newest romance The Longest Ride comes out next month and word has it there will be water involved.

I'll be interviewing the cast and Nicholas this weekend so if you have any questions you'd like to ask Nicholas post them here or reach out to me on twitter!


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