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Sometimes cosplayers just are too awesome to not to photograph! Being a photographer, I tend to fall in love with awesome looking costumes because of how well they photograph. In the spirit of Comic Week here on Moviepilot, I wanted to post some of the best cosplays I've seen at Comic-Cons here and there.

Here are some of the coolest cosplays I've had the pleasure of taking photos of. Some were arranged, and some were just quick shots at Comic-Cons. I hope you like them!

Michael Mulligan is Captain America

And Lauren Catherine is Black Widow!

And then they got together for an epic shoot!

Even a few Spideys got in on the action!

More Spider-Man! Miles Morales, anyone?

Even a Spider-Cap reporting for duty!

And an Electro. Wow.

I took some shots of the Justice Leaguers, too!



Green Lantern!

Wonder Woman!


Wonder Woman!

Joker and Harley came out to play, too! Matt Parker and Erika Wasko are awesome as the villainous duo!

Game of Thrones' the Hound was way too cool! Real metal armor and everything.

Lady Winter Soldier is sooo badass.

Then we have Negative Stacey in her Black Widow cosplay! Really awesome!

War Machine comes along for the fun

Ultron killed Tony?! Oh, no!

The dark lord Sauron has come for the one ring to rule them all! He was like 12 feet tall, no joke.

This Gamora is amazing. She even looks like Zoe Saldana a bit.

Xena the Warrior Princess. Looking like Lucy Lawless helps, I'm sure.

Like my shots?? Check out much more on my website!!

Have an awesome cosplayer you want to get a photo shoot with? Head to that site and look at my photo packages!

Let me know in the comments what your favorite cosplays are!


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