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I like to be different when it comes to favorite superheros. Most people would say Batman, Iron Man, Wolverine, or Spider-Man, (I love Spider-Man though.) but I think some of the most strange of macabre superheros are the most intriguing. Some are ugly and horrifying or not really appreciated enough but completely outstanding. I would also love these heroes to be (or I can't wait for them to be) brought to the big screen.

5. Beast Boy

Where do I begin. Oh, yeah! HE IS AN ANIMAL SHAPESHIFTER! Beast Boy can be in a Teen Titans movie that we all need. Beast Boy was born Garfield Mark Logan to two scientists. He got his powers when he became ill of a rare disease and his father tried to use an untested cure that used reverse evolution which then backfired turning Garfield into a green-skinned, green-haired, shapeshifting, future hero. Using today's digital effects we can bring all of the animals that Beast Boy can think of into real life.

4. Domino

Domino is a walking and talking good luck charm. She has a telekinetic ability that can improve probability. She also is skilled in armed and unarmed combat and is an expert markswoman. I would love to see her in the next X-Men movie or even better the Deadpool movie.

3. Moon Knight

Moon Knight is 100% movie material. A son of rabbi who became a heavy weight boxer, a U.S. Marine, and then a C.I.A. operative. Seriously, why haven't we had a trilogy for him. And it gets better. In moonlight, his strength and other abilities peak, especially in a full moon. He needs a movie and he was already hinted at in Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier. Here's an article why we might get a Moon Knight movie sooner that we think:,manual

2. Doctor Strange

I know we are already getting a Doctor Strange movie, but isn't he awesome? He has the abilities to travel through time and dimensions. He can control minds and make inanimate objects become animate. Seeing Strange go against one of his most menacing foes, Dormammu, will be a scene of pure ecstasy.

1. Man-Thing

When I first heard of Man-Thing I instantly fell in love. Growing up in Florida and being a fan of monsters and knowing Man-Thing was a swamp monster in Florida was amazing. His powers include super strength, bullets and other projectiles can easily pass through his body, he can pass through wires and bars by absorbing around them, and he is also very fond of the emotions of others. Emotions of violence like anger and fear will cause a chemical reaction like sulfuric acid that secretes through his "skin" and will burn the victim of the violent emotion. Man-Thing already had his own horror movie, but we need him to come back to cinemas to either scare or excite moviegoers or comic book geeks alike.


These are my favorite superheros but did you like them too? If so, which one was your favorite out of my picks?


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