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A few months ago, the internet collectively exploded when we found out that the long-awaited Deadpool movie got the green light, and now that's it's filming, I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for more details. Casting is done, filming has started, and (thank god) it seems that the re-written timeline courtesy of [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942) means that his massively unpopular storyline in X-Men Origins: Wolverine has been deleted from the world of superhero movies.

Now, while talking to Entertainment Weekly about his new movie, Woman in Gold, Ryan Reynolds spoke about the upcoming Fox project, and some of the elements that make Deadpool such a fan favorite.

On Breaking The Fourth Wall

It’s a really difficult character to put up on the screen for the studio. He’s a character that’s aware he’s in a film, he’s aware that he breaks the fourth wall. I mean, he does certain things that are unlike anything else in the X-Men Universe yet he is a part of the X-Men Universe.

He's definitely got a point! I can't wait to see how the writers deal with combining [Deadpool](movie:38663)'s awareness and the very realism-based X-Men universe that they have started to build with First Class and Days of Future Past. Of course, the simplest option is to play up Wade Wilson's insanity - something that I would also very much like to see. Imagine Logan and Charles reacting to Wilson talking seemingly to no-one, and you have a comedic winner. Given the success [Marvel](channel:932254)/Disney has with comedy in comic book movies, Fox may be wise to really play into the funny side of this character.

On The Rating Debate

That debate rages on. We’ll see.

This is something of a change in stance from the widely reported comments by Reynolds back when the movie was first rumored - for many fans, it was his apparent reticence to take on the role without an R rating that was stalling the film. Now, the question is a huge one for fans - on one side of the debate there are those who believe that only the gore allowed by an R-rating could do the Merc With A Mouth justice, while on the other, fans are happy to see another PG 13 superhero. Despite the name, PG 13 does actually allow for a fair bit of violence, simply without all the spurting blood that is the hallmark of the higher rating. Personally, I believe that Fox won't choose to isolate a huge chunk of it's X-Men fans by excluding them from the theater, but they may be counting on adult comic fans to bridge that gap.

On The Budget

We don’t have the budget that most X-Men movies do. In the super hero world, this would be considered an independent film.

This may actually relate to the rating, which is really interesting. If the studio did decide to go with an R-rating, they may not be as willing to throw the kind of money at it that they have at the main X-Men franchise. Of course, it could simply be that they are treating it like a spin-off rather than a centerpiece, but given the popularity of the character and the incredible internet reaction to the possibility, I would have expected a little more stock to be put in the project.

On The Fans

He’s so popular—the comic book alone [is] one of the most popular selling comic books of all time so it’s exiting to be here shooting it.

Clearly Reynolds knows about how stoked the fans are to finally see this movie being made - as far as comic book movies go, this may be one of the most anticipated yet! Deadpool is something of a rarity - a household name, despite never appearing in any of the animated series (that I am aware of), or in any previous movies or TV shows other than Wolverine.

And Finally...

It is a bit of wish fulfillment. I do feel like I flipped a coin in the exact right fountain at some point, but I’m excited. It’s been an incredible year.

Understatement, much, Reynolds? This is an absolutely incredible role, and with the X-Men universe improving film by film, I have little doubt that (no matter the rating) this is going to be absolutely epic!

Deadpool comes to theaters Feb 12, 2016


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