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Hello, my name is Akari. Akari Kekse. Some weeks ago, I wrote an article about found-footage horror movies. In that article, I declared my love for this fantastic sub-genre and showed to the world 7 gems that deserved to be known.

But 7 movies are not enough. There are a multitude of good films out there.

This time, I bring you another 7 fantastic films. Hopefully, you will enjoy the selection and will have a good time watching them (if you dare).

As always, if you have suggestions, please let me know in the comments section below. I will do my best to check them.

I hope you enjoy it!

The Dyatlov Pass Incident

This is a true story. In 1959, a group of experimented skiers, camping in a cold deadly Russian mountain, left their tents hurriedly and mysteriously, and without an apparent motive, in the middle of the night. They didn't live to see the dawn. Even today, it remains as one of the greatest paranormal mysteries of all times.

In the movie, a group of students decide to investigate this event. They travel across the planet to the original location to spend a night in there. We all can guess that something bad will happen to them, right?

I liked this movie for all the little clues that it is giving to you before the end. If you pay enough attention, there will be no doubts about what happened in there. Spoiler: It was not pretty.

The Poughkeepsie Tapes

Have you ever thought what it is like to live inside the mind of a demented serial killer? To see through his eyes? To experience what he feels while he kills and tortures?

A sadistic killer enjoys recording every single of his heinous and horrendous acts on video. So when the police find his extensive collection, after years of searching for him, they feel the same impotency, repulsion and fear as his helpless victims.

You should be warned that this is one of the most disturbing films ever made. The perversity of this man will perturb you. Watch it at your own risk.

The Atticus Institute

If you have paranormal abilities, like telepathy, telekinesis and premonition, forget the Charles Xavier School, The Atticus Institute is the perfect place for you. This respected institution is searching for people with these characteristics to test them scientifically and to prove to the world, once and for all, that these abilities are 100% real.

One day, a disturbed, strange woman arrives there. The scientists, after testing her extensively, are amazed by her great abilities; she is simply a wonder of nature. What they don't know is that she hides a dark secret. The source of her powers is something beyond their nightmares. And she will put in risk not only their own lives, but the lives of those close to them.

Lovely Molly

This movie should be called Poor Molly. Seriously, the things this girl experiences are indescribable.

Molly returns to her home after years of being away. She doesn't have pretty memories of this place, so she had avoided returning there. But when she marries the love of her live, she returns there, knowing that he would protect her. Sadly, no one can protect her from the demons of her past . . .

Lovely Molly is a possession movie. But this film goes a step beyond, because she is not only possessed by an evil force; she is being attacked by a nefarious demon that harasses and molests her sexually.

I loved this movie for its subtlety and atmosphere. You will feel Molly's pain and suffering; it will make you to think about what you would do in her unbearable situation, in a world where nobody believes you, and nobody can help.

Fun fact, it was directed by the guy that created The Blair Witch Project. Maybe you have heard of that one . . .

The Collingswood Story

There are movies that have a special charm. Maybe this charm is not appreciated by everybody, but only by certain people. They have something intangible, something special. The Collingswood Story, for me, had that something that made me love it.

The movie narrates the story of two ex-lovers who now live apart in different towns. Luckily, they can communicate via web-cam. After consulting a medium online, they realize that a terrible murder was committed just six months ago in the house where the girl lives now. They start to investigate the dark past of the town, and soon discover that it was inhabited by an evil cult that, possibly, still lurks in there.

This movie starts in a kind of silly way, with absurd and ridiculous characters dancing and singing, but soon, it will grab you with its atmosphere and plot.

It was a film that was ahead of its time (2002) and it still remains a hidden gem that deserves to be widely known.

The Den

I have to confess something. This spot was reserved for Mr. Jones, but I watched this movie last night, and I had to include it.

What's The Den? Well, I would describe it as the love child of Skype and Chattroulette. With this software, you have the possibility to talk on web-cam with random strangers around the world and to keep a list of your friends to communicate with them at any time. Fantastic, isn't?

Elizabeth, for her thesis, is planning to make a social study talking to as many strangers as possible via web-cam. She soon realizes that most of the people in this chat are weird, to say the least. But nothing will prepare her for the nightmare that she is about to live.

This is a great movie that tries something different to the usual found-footage format. You will witness everything through the screen of a computer, just like Open Windows and yes, The Collingswoood Story (I told you it was ahead of its time).

Recommendable if you liked films like 8mm and Hostel.

The Conspiracy

Who rules the world? The politicians? The rich people? Those who control religion? Some would say that none of those. They would tell you that there are sinister and occult organizations that hide behind the shadows, manipulating everything . . . and everybody. They control the way you think and act. They control your tastes, your desires. They control you.

Is this true? This movie answers that. But I warn you, it is a dreadful answer.

A group of friends are filming a documentary about a man who is obsessed with conspiracy theories. They don't believe him, but when he suddenly disappears from existence, they start to understand that maybe he wasn't so wrong after all . . .

I hope that you enjoyed this list. Don't forget to follow me on Facebook and on Twitter. I upload movie recommendations regularly.

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