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Hello again Flash fans! Here I am again with my weekly reviews for both The Flash and Arrow. Last week's episode was crazy as it featured time travel, Barry winning Iris his one true love and even a death! If you would like to check out my review for last week's episode just click here.

Before I get started SPOILER WARNING! If you haven't seen all 16 episodes of The Flash so far just go catch up on another tap on your internet browser then click back here for my review.

If you haven't read my reviews or seen my video reviews, I like to break down the top 5 moments of every episode. That could be the best stuff, the worst stuff or just the most noteworthy. Got it? Cool let's go! Below is my full video review for The Flash season 1 episode 16 "Rogue Time".

5. Captain Cold Returns

This is the third appearance from Wentworth Miller's portrayal as Captain Cold on this show and I'll be honest guys, I'm not a fan. The actual character of Captain Cold I have no problem with but I do take issue with Miller's performance. There's just something he does with his voice where he sounds like he's trying to channel some sort of cartoon villain.

Yes, this is a comic book television series but no one else is trying to play this so campy. Part of me even thinks Miller isn't even trying but that's just my opinion. We also get introduced to his sister who is given a gun that Yeah... I wasn't a huge fan of that either. Three villain with guns is just one too many.

4. Barry Changes Time

We saw last week ended with Barry running so fast that he transported back in time to start the day over. Having known that the day would end with Joe injured in danger and Central City being threatened by a giant tidal wave courtesy of the Weather Wizard, Barry decided to try to change some things.

Wells warned him that if he changed anything it could cause a worse thing to happen. The Flash ignores his concern and caught the Weather Wizard before anyone else was endangered. Problem is that Iris claims she doesn't have any romantic feelings for Barry. Now he has to live with knowing that he saved lives at the cost of possibly losing the love of his life.

3. Lame Resolution with Snart/Captain Cold

Sounds like I'm hating on the show but it's only because it's been so amazing in the past that this episode's conclusion with the villain felt off. The Flash wisps Captain Cold into a forrest where they can talk. Thanks to some torturing, Cisco revealed to Captain Cold the Flash's secret identity.

Barry strikes an odd deal with Snart that he won't lock him away in their prison at Star Labs if Snart agrees to not kill anyone or tell anyone his secret identity. Yeah, then it's just over between them. It felt like a tad bit of lazy writing. Last week's episode "Out of Time" felt so intense that it could've been a season finale. This episode? Was on the bottom rung of quality for their episodes.

2. Cisco is alive!

There were some positives to Barry changing time and one of them is that Cisco is alive and well. Cisco never discovered the truth about Harrison Wells being the Reverse Flash so therefore Wells never killed Cisco. Some fans may be upset because last week's episode's shocking moment killing him off is totally pointless now.

However, I still think Cisco has a ton to offer on this show so I'm glad he hasn't met his demise. He brings a lot of the comic relief to the group. I have a feeling someone important will die at the end of the season but it won't be Cisco. Fingers crossed.

1. Barry now suspects Wells

After weeks and weeks of Barry defending Wells to Joe, Barry finally realizes something is off about his idol. This makes me happy because now Barry and Joe can get back to investigating what exactly happened with the murder of his mother and figure out how to bring Wells to justice.

Barry is becoming faster and more battle-ready every week which means his clash with the Reverse Flash will be something fun to watch!

Overall, this had to have been one of The Flash's weaker episodes but only because 9/10 times they have made tremendous episodes. What did you guys think though?


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