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Moviepilot has this sweet contest going on. If you're a US citizen, click here. It's pretty sweet. Unfortunately for me, I'm Canadian so I can't be eligible. However that doesn't mean I can't write an article inspired by the contest! Onwards we go!

Anyone who knows me a bit knows I like comic books. But people might not realize something from my previous article topics. I'm also a huge anime fan, so here goes! Top 5 heroes in anime! Keep in mind that this is purely my opinion. If your favourite anime hero isn't on here, I'm sorry but this is my top 5. Also, fair warning that while it might be vague, there might still be plot reveals for these. In other words:

SPOOOOOIIIIILLLLLLEEEEERRRRRR ALEEEEERRRRTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5) Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach)

Keep in mind that I've mostly read the manga so I'm mostly going off of that. What I do know is the beginning of Bleach. I know it very well. Basically, Ichigo Kurosaki's spiritual energy messed everything up. Rukia ended up losing her hard earned soul reaper powers and they transferred to Ichigo. She was stuck trying to beat the baddies and train a total newbie. She took it all in stride, enrolling in his school and blending in. All in a false body called a gigai. Which is very annoying! She has to put up with being weak in power and training Ichigo. That takes a ton of patience too!

Of course, that isn't all. She's such a good person that she's willing to face death by execution peacefully just as long as her new group of friends is safe.

4) Kirito (Sword Art Online)

He was a beta-tester. He was fine then. When everyone entered the game SAO, they were excited. Then they found out they were stuck in there. If they died in the game, they died in real life. It freaked everybody out. Except Kirito, except for a few times when he broke down. He became determined to save everybody by beating the game. Once the game was beaten, everybody would be freed.

When everyone was freaked, they looked for someone to blame. He gave them a villain to blame by acting the bad guy. Later in the journey, he met Asuna of course. He taught her to relax, and she taught him to love. And together, they worked to free everyone from the clutches of SAO.

3) Akane Tsunamori (Psycho Pass)

Yes I used a big image. There's a reason for that. Akane Tsunamori has had so much development in her character that it blows me away now that I think about it. The nice thing about it is that it was gradual enough to be believable. The 'before' picture is from season 1. The 'after' shot is from season 2. It's an amazing show, about solving crime in the future where the system has discovered a way to determine what they define as 'latent criminals'. People who haven't committed a crime, but yet are more at risk can go into therapy. If their 'hue' (the determination of how serious their risk level is) is too serious, they are either locked up or become enforcers who help the police.

In a job where the detectives are more at risk of becoming latent criminals, Akane Tsunamori is able to constantly maintain a clear hue no matter what trials she faces. She sees graphic violence everyday (for those with weak stomachs, that's my warning to you if you're considering watching this), and yet she still remains calm and level-headed. Even after discovering just how the system operates, a secret not privy to most in the society, she still just continues doing the best job she can, bringing criminals to justice.

2) Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)

Before and After
Before and After

Poor Kaneki isn't exactly a lucky guy, let me tell you that much. Just like with Psycho Pass, Tokyo Ghoul is kind of graphic. Brilliantly thought out science fiction yes. It has some disturbing themes and violence at times though.

Kaneki Ken was just a normal high school student who had a crush on a girl. Then, when he was meeting her, they were both involved in a tragic accident. Doctors transplanted her organs into him. What they didn't realize was that she had been a ghoul, someone who ate humans to survive. By transplanting the organs into him, Kaneki became a ghoul too. He was found by a bunch of peaceful ghouls who didn't kill people for food. He became good friends with them. Then tragedy struck again and he realized he was too weak to protect his friends. He left to become stronger. Despite all those trials though, he still has the kind heart of the boy who first had that crush on the girl. Now he wants to protect his friends.

1) Akame (Akame Ga Kill!)

Akame Ga Kill destroyed me. Fair warning. It's an action anime, but it's also full of heart. It doesn't have nearly as much violence as Psycho Pass or Tokyo Ghoul. But it destroyed me. And I'm going to do my best to stay vague about what it is about, just in case you want to watch it. That being said, Akame is my top hero for Anime heroes, so I have to say SOMETHING.

Those who have started watching might wonder why my choice isn't Tatsumi, the main character of the story. Akame is an assassin, but she has a tendency to be kind. Her behaviour leads you to believe she loves Tatsumi. She's patient and kind with him as she teaches him to fight and trains him. And while the world is falling apart, both at the beginning and the end, she does her best to hold it all together, going so far as to be the scapegoat for acts she isn't guilty of really.

So that's it folks! My picks for Top 5 Anime Heroes.


Have you watched any of these? Which was your favourite?


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