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Without a doubt, The Big Bang Theory is my favorite television series ever. I even have a box set of the first seven seasons which I nicknamed "Bigby." This show has fun plots, fun characters and it knows good humor. Let's get started!

10. Pilot

Our babies will be smart and beautiful.
Our babies will be smart and beautiful.

We start off this list just how [The Big Bang Theory](series:200751) started, with the pilot episode. This episode showed off Leonard, Sheldon and Penny very well and promised an interesting future for Howard and Raj. The laughs are just beginning.

Favorite Moment: Leonard and Sheldon confront Kurt and walk out with no pants.

Sheldon: My mother gave me those pants.

Leonard: I'm sorry!

Sheldon: You're going to have to call her.

9. The Staircase Implementation

Oh yes, this is definitely my spot.
Oh yes, this is definitely my spot.

Our next episode takes place earlier than the pilot, revealing how the gang met. In Season 3, Leonard being introduced to Sheldon's "quirks" and signing the room mate agreement was very fun to see and we finally find out how the elevator broke.

Favorite Moment: Leonard is warned by others to stay away from Sheldon.

Glenn: Are you here for the apartment?

Leonard: Yeah.

Glenn: Run away dude.

Leonard: What?

Glenn: Run fast, run far.

8. The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification

Do you want to play a game?
Do you want to play a game?

In Season 4, Sheldon realizes he might not be around to transfer his mind, he builds a remote controlled robot to communicate with the outside world. This episode is so absurd, people's reactions feel very realistic and this showcases just how wacky Sheldon is.

Favorite Moment: Sheldon requires assistance to open the door.

Sheldon: Raj, be a lamb and open the door.

Raj: Yeah, sure.

Sheldon: He's a lamb, you're (Leonard) not.

Raj: I'm a lamb.

7. The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary

Now fetch me Wil Wheaton!
Now fetch me Wil Wheaton!

Two big characters are introduced in this Season 3 episode. It was quite amusing to see Howard and Bernadette meet, but I feel what really shined in this episode was Sheldon vs. Wil Wheaton. The build up to the battle and the battle itself is hilarious, with a side-splitting finale. Plenty of Wrath Of Khan references to go around.

Favorite Moment: Sheldon loses to Wheaton.

Sheldon: Wheaton! Wheeeeatoooooon! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeatooooooooooon! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeatooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!

6. The Zazzy Substitution

He's just so Zazzy!
He's just so Zazzy!

In Season 4, Sheldon and Amy's then friendship has developed and the gang feel uncomfortable. When the Shamy finally splits, Sheldon fills the void with a bunch of cats (a clouder) named after the Manhattan Project and a certain "Zazzy" personality. Seeing Sheldon's mentality break down further than we ever thought it could go is hilarious.

Favorite Moment: Howard and Raj argue about "toilet humor".

Howard: On the potty, what are you five?

Raj: It's a potty, what do you call it?

Howard: A toilet.

Raj: That's a little vulgar for the dinner table, don't you think?

Howard: And potty is okay?

Raj: Potty is innocent. Potty is adorable.

Howard: What do you do in the potty, wee-wee?

Raj: Only if I don't have to boom-boom.

5. The Einstein Approximation


In Season 3, Sheldon has difficulty solving a physics problem and finds himself going to drastic measures to solve it. The opening scene is hysterical, the way he just turns around so randomly at the board. He assembles marbles on the floor, sorts through beans, and even works at the Cheesecake Factory.

Favorite Moment: Leonard finds Sheldon breaking into a children's ball pit at night to solve his problem.

Leonard: Sheldon, we need to go.

Sheldon: Sure thing, if you can catch me first.

(Sheldon dives into the ball pit and Leonard desperately claws at the balls to catch him with Sheldon popping up every so often.)

Sheldon: Bazinga! Bazinga! Bazinga! Bazinga!

4. The Panty Piñata Polarization

Well your Ken can kiss my Barbie.
Well your Ken can kiss my Barbie.

In Season 2, Sheldon bans Penny from the apartment, resulting in a chain of events that escalate to a war between Sheldon and Penny. Clearly you're siding with Penny but there's something so amusing about Sheldon pranking her. The climax is hilarious and very satisfying. Also Raj and Howard stalk a group of models' house and get away with it. Both creepy and amusing.

Favorite Moment: Sheldon and Penny have an argument.

Leonard: Yay, you're talking again.

Penny: Leonard, remember when it was on? Well, now it's Junior Rodeo on!

Leonard: Aww, not Junior Rodeo. What exactly did you do?

Sheldon: I had no choice Leonard, she ruined laundry night.

(Leonard goes over to the balcony to see Penny's underwear hanging from the phonelines).

Leonard: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaww!!

Sheldon: Mwahaha.

3. The Love Car Displacement

Oh shut up, Sheldon!
Oh shut up, Sheldon!

In Season 4, the gang is holding a science convention and bring Penny along and then chaos ensues. After an argument with Sheldon, Penny finds herself trapped in the "Love Car" with Howard and Bernadette. The horror! When they arrive, Howard gets jealous of Bernadette's ex, Bernadette moves in with Penny and Amy and forces them to sleep in the same bed, Penny gets uncomfortable and sleeps in Leonard's bed, Sheldon fears impending coitus and moves in with Raj, Raj escapes Sheldon and moves in with Leonard and Penny. Just the pacing and humor that is put into this sequence is brilliant. The climax comes when everyone is pissed off at each other at the convention.

Favorite Moment: Leonard speaks his mind at the convention.

Amy: Are you talking about women wanting penises because I'd like to weigh in.

Raj: First of all, I think they are talking about penises, and second, these mimosas are kicking my brown little ass.

Leonard: I'd like to kick your brown little ass.

Raj: What did I do?

Leonard: I don't know, maybe when you see your friend getting back together with his ex, you should do something apart from sliding into the adjoining bed.

Raj: I did. You said no Bridget Jones.

2. The Precious Fragmentation

My precious.
My precious.

In Season 3, the gang finds a Lord Of The Rings Ring that was used in the making of the actual film. Greed gets the best of them and they find themselves fighting over who will get the ring. Leonard wants to return the ring to Peter Jackson, Sheldon wants re enact the scenes from LOTR, Howard wants to sell it on the black market, and Raj wants a jet ski. Sheldon becomes Gollum, Leonard gives up to get some, and Raj and Howard cuddle with each other while sleeping. Just such a hilarious episode.

Favorite Moment: Sheldon discovers Leonard was hiding the ring while he was sleeping.

Sheldon: I knew it.

(Sheldon goes for the ring but Leonard wakes up and grabs his arm.)

Sheldon: Give us the precious.

(Leonard and Sheldon wrestle in the bed as Penny gets out.)

Leonard: Never! It's mine! It's mine!

Sheldon: Give it to me!

Penny: Wow, I really need to go back to dating dumb guys from the gym.

1. The Pants Alteration

Prepare to see the dark side of the moon.
Prepare to see the dark side of the moon.

My two favorite episodes are chronologically adjacent, awesome! In Season 3, Sheldon must give a speech to receive an award from the university but he suffers from stage fright. Sheldon names his team his C-Men (Howard doesn't like the name), he must protect Sheldonopolis from Godzilla and even moons the university and gets on Youtube. While the build up is genius, it is the climax that is so funny. Penny tricks Sheldon into getting drunk and humiliates himself in the most hilarious ways possible. "Why did the chicken cross the mobius strip? To get the same side. Bazinga!"

Favorite Moment: Leonard gives Sheldon a psychology exam but finds himself becoming the patient.

Sheldon: So I hear that you're angry at your mother.

Leonard: You're damn right I am! (Begins crying.) She humiliated me. I was only nine years old. That's when the bed wetting started again!

Sheldon: Thank you, Leonard.

Leonard: For what?

Sheldon: If a person as damaged as you can crawl his way out of bed every morning, I think I can manage a simple acceptance speech.

Leonard: What? I thought we had a whole hour.

Those are my favorites, you can tell me yours down below. Have a nice day and bazinga!

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