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So here on Moviepilot we currently have a contest going on for Comic Week. Yay comic week! As the title states I'll be listing off my top 5 favorite comic characters and why I love them so. Now, you may ask, "but Cj, some of these aren't in comic books, isn't that cheating?" Worry not my sweeties because a loophole, but not much of one, is stated that I'm allowed to use any character that was in a comic, or manga. In other words my league of extraordinary loopholes. Also, let me warn you that there may be spoilers in here so proceed with caution, ok? Lovely, so how about we hop right into it?

1. Jason Lee Scott: The Red Power Ranger.

I know what you're thinking. "Dang it Cj, you just started the list and you're already breaking the rules. The red ranger may be a superhero but he was never in a comic book." MWAHAHAHA -evil laugh fades- You'd be wrong. The red ranger was in a comic book.

weird how muscled they are isn't it?
weird how muscled they are isn't it?

Now I've watched every season of Power Rangers, long after Saban was gone and long after his return. Mighty Morphing Power Rangers isn't even my favorite one of the series, which is actually Lost Galaxy. However, Jason will always be my favorite. Not because he was first but because Jason more than any other proved that the red ranger isn't the leader because his color is red or because Zordon told the other rangers follow him. He proved the red ranger is the leader because he is undoubtedly the strongest of them all. He is always the first one into battle and the last one to fall. He risks everything to save a friend in need and always stays true to who he is.

Jason is the first one to fight when he needs to but always the first one to forgive. He motivates, and inspires not only through his words but his actions as well. Jason was a leader not because he wanted to be but because they needed him to be and he took his role seriously. He kept his friends together, he kept the group focused and when he wasn't needed he left to help others who needed him. When he returned he didn't vie for power or try to regain his leadership but willingly followed another. Also he had the best kiais of anyone in the show.

Favorite Quote: Back to action!

2. Rick Grimes: The Walking Dead

I love Andrew Lincoln. I think he is a great actor and a great Rick Grimes. I'm not one of those "the book was better" people but in this case I like comic Rick Grimes better. I'm glad they chose to go different routes with the tv show characters than the comic characters because I'm not one of those people who just want to see whatever I see in a book on screen. I like for them to take liberties, to change things as they see fit, to re-imagine their dream as long as they give us something good to see. Also, there's less chances for spoilers and those annoying people who constantly throw comic book facts at you and talk about how everything isn't "canon". If you're one of those people sorry but not sorry I want to be able to talk about a tv show or movie without having to do a bunch of required reading first, I accept that it has source material but I'm talking about the tv show. You have no jurisdiction here.

Back to Rick Grimes. The tv show Rick Grimes while great has been robbed of his internal struggle between keeping his humanity while evolving to the way of the new world and it's been replaced by outward characters being made to show the things he can become while he has become trapped in the middle confused about which way to go and always bordering on a potential mental break. I'm ok with that because internal struggle doesn't always make for good television. Comic Rick however has all the internal struggle of trying to keep his humanity while managing to evolve into a person who can survive this world.

As Kobe Bryant would explain it trying to be a different animal and the same beast. He, like Jason, doesn't go into the situation trying to be a leader but people take to him as a leader regardless; not because he has all the answers but because he is the only one who can make the decisions and live with the consequences. He's a survivor. Everyone who dies. he carries that death on his shoulders, he has to live with it all. Regardless of the situation he attempts to keep control and he plans on keeping everyone alive and not sacrificing a few for the many. He isn't trying to let the world change him but trying to change the world, not back to what it was but close enough. He has a dream and everyone in his group wants to be apart of that dream. He reminds me that you should never let your experiences turn you into something you don't want to be instead use your experiences to grow and shape you into the person you want to be, and never stop searching for your bliss.

Favorite Quote: They're fucking with the wrong people.

3. Son Gohan: Dragon Ball Z

Another ethical dilemma of not a comic book character but remember manga is allowed.

Gohan has always been somewhat of an idol to me. I was that kid. If you watched Ang Lee's Hulk from 2003, you may remember how young Bruce Banner bottled everything up and didn't let it out and then when he became the Hulk he was finally able to let it all and let loose. That's how I was in a way. I bottled up my anger, I didn't let anyone know there was anything wrong with me ever, my mom would tell me about how I didn't tell her I was in pain until it was near unbearable. I cried a lot, people yelling at me, from embarrassment, sad things, I was a huge crybaby like Gohan was a kid.

I was a gentle person. However, whenever I snapped I would let loose and it would be hard to bottle it back up again. It was usually because I was pushed too far or because someone important to be was being bothered. I was very protective of the people closest to me as a kid. What Gohan went through really spoke to me. I didn't have to like to fight to want to stand up for those I cared about. I didn't have to bottle everything up until I was exploding in anger. He's definitely been one of my favorite anime and manga characters ever.

Favorite Quote: I told you what would happen if you pushed me too far! But you didn't listen!

4. Sawako Kuronuma: Kimi Ni Todoke

Sawako is a beautiful young 16 year old girl. She is selfless and is constantly thinking of others before herself. She is nice to her parents and constantly helping out around the house. She does all the chores that the rest of her classmates don't want to do, because she's good at it and she just wants to be of help to everyone. The times she feels the most bliss besides when talking to her best friends is when she's finally able to be of service to other people. She is the living embodiment of the phrase "better to give than receive." However she's not always seen the way she wants to be seen and misunderstandings are always popping up.


She's always had trouble making friends due to her having jet black hair and a name close to the Sadako from the ring. When she tried things were always misunderstood. When she did finally have true friends she wasn't sure how to handle it. I really identified with her because I have trouble making and keeping friends too and I always feel like everything I say is taken the wrong way. I've always been very shy and awkward like she is, She stays a really strong character though and perseveres through every trial and tribulation she's faced with. She cries a lot but she always fights through the tears to get through anything that's thrown at her. She doesn't let people walk on her but truly helps out the kindness of her heart. I'd like to be like her, truly altruistic.

Favorite Quote: Thank you for smiling, thank you for talking to me, thank you for being so kind. You taught me so many feelings that I didn’t know until now. Thank you.

5. Garnet: Steven Universe.

Don't bother, you already know the deal. Steven Universe has a comic. Thankfully. Garnet is the gorgeous, strong, silent, leader of the Crystal Gems replacing Rose Quartz. With Pearl, Amethyst and sometimes Steven she fights to keep the world safe.

Despite being pleasantly aloof a lot of the time she has a really big heart. Well not really because gems don't have internal organs but she has a lot of love. She doesn't really care about a lot of things but she cares deeply about her friends especially Steven. She has become something of a surrogate mother to Steven and like most mothers struggles to understand and bond with him. She'll do whatever she has to do to keep him safe but also gives him a lot of respect as she believes in him and deeply believes in his ability as a crystal gem. She is usually calm and cool under pressure but usually loses it the most when Steven is in trouble.. I think she is an absolutely amazing character to witness and her interactions with Steven are so cute and sweet that if Sawako's sweetness will give you diabetes then they'll at least give you some serious cavities.

Favorite Quote: Oh Steven, we already love you.

Honorable Mentions:

Kenichi Shirahama: History's Mightiest Disciple

Kenichi literally started from the bottom. He had no skills what so ever, was really weak and even being bullied. He had no natural talent for martial arts but what he did have was spirit and a solid code of ethics. Kenichi is an inspiring character to me because he put in effort to get where he got and nothing was handed to him. He was pushed past his limits and although bellyaching and complaining the whole time he never quit because he had one purpose and that was to get enough strength to protect those he cared about. I've always respected that. As someone whose never felt really good at anything he was an important role model, showing that every little bit of practice makes a difference.

Favorite Quote: I understand you have your pride , but I have my principles!

Kamala Khan: Ms Marvel

I can't deny my love for Kamala. She's one of us. A fanvenger if you will. She writes Avengers fan fiction and fangirls out whenever she gets to meet a superhero. Plenty of characters in the past have wanted to be a hero just like the ones they see flying around and of course you have Kick-Ass who is a comic book nerd who becomes a hero; however, Kamala is what I think we'd all be if we ended up becoming superheroes. Kamala struggles with being who she is, and recognizing her heritage, and becoming who she wants to be. Her interactions with other heroes are light and fun but she still has a serious side to her.

Things don't always go her way but she perseveres to the end. She fights for teen respect, for the older generation to not blame teenagers for the world's problems that they've caused and that the younger generation will have to eventually clean up. To remind the older generation that this is the world teenagers are being left and it's not in the best of shapes. I might not be a teen anymore but I can still respect that. Her story is fun and extremely well written in my opinion.

Favorite Quote: My "Wolverine and Storm in Space" fanfic was third-most upvoted story on freaking awesome last month!


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