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The world has been patiently waiting for their next web-slinger. I'm sure we all hope that it's soon that marvel will reveal our next hero because it's been quite a while since all the speculation started.

It was about a month ago when Spider-man was officially confirmed to join the MCU. Since then, our heads were filled with speculation for who would play the next Spidey, or what film will he appear in first. Spider-man is suppose to appear in Captain America: Civil War which starts filming the first week of next month. If you think about it, that's not very far away which is why Marvel should choose their Spider-man as soon as possible.

Now ever since the rumors of who should play the next Spider-man have surfaced, I have always wanted Dylan O'brien (The Internship, The Maze Runner, MTV's Teen Wolf) to play him. Actually, a lot of people I know are dying for the Dylan to take on the role, but sadly, he broke our hearts when he said that he was not playing Spider-man. I honestly thought it wasn't true even though he did tell a reporter that. He said that he "was never approached", which I think is weird because it said that marvel was considering him. It's all very confusing but you all know how sneaky marvel is with their actors so I thought he was hiding something for a while.

Later this month, there was a Teen Wolf paleyfest panel. During the panel the fans were told, in fact, everyone was told not to ask Dylan any Spider-man related questions. Wait what? It was very confusing, but it maybe just could have been put that way because Dylan was annoyed with all the Spider-man crap. I still think they're hiding something with Dylan.

It was sometime later that rumors where spreading that Marvel was looking for 15-17 year old male actors to play the next web slinger. That totally eliminated all the Dylan O'brien casting rumors for me because I actually thought that this whole rumor thing about a young Spider-man where true. Marvel said that they wanted to bring in a young Spider-man as young as 15 years old so that they could pull off a Harry Potter and make the audience watch Peter grow up in each film. I didn't think it was a bad idea. Doctor strange can introduce magic into the MCU, Black Panther can bring in African foreign kind of elements, and that leaves Spider-man who for sure can introduce the young adult element.

Most recently, it was said, well rumor, everything has been rumor-ish so far. But recently it was rumored that Marvel has auditioned some actors between the ages of 15-17 years old in a house to keep it secretive. Apparently Marvel has auditioned young Mateus Ward (Lab rats, Hostages) to play Peter Parker. I don't know why Mateus was the highlighted actor that auditioned but maybe it's because his audition beat out everyone else's. I don't know how good of an actor Mateus is, but I trust Marvel.

Young Asa Butterfield who is 17 years old recently expressed interest and excitement in playing the hero. Many people say that maybe he can play a Harry Osborn, but personally, even though I still want O'brien, if they are fr sure planning to go with a 15 or 17 year old Spidey, then I am routing for Asa Butterfield. I really don't know what it is about him but for some reason I can see him playing the web-slinger. 1.) He's a talented actor that can take on a lead performance. 2.) Watch X+Y. 3.) He's skinny and a bit small just like the Spider-man in the ultimate comics. 4.) He's currently a rising star that is not totally unknown but is on the way to a great future in acting. 5.) He's young, 17 years old is the age limit to play the hero which is his age.

I trust Marvel with their decision and if it ends up being Mateus Ward, then i'm totally fine but I do want Asa Butterfield/Dylan O'brien as the Web-slinger. So who would you like Marvel to cast as Spider-man? Do you dig the idea of SPider-man being young and all that? Whatever you would like to say, comment below and stay tuned.


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